How was your prom?

How was your prom

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  • I didn't even go to it

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  • Didn't finish high school yet

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Jesus Christ! worse social event I attended. I swear I tried my best to avoid it and I got ask out. The dancing was awkward, she invited me and she left me during the dance?(I tried to put the effort). Every time I think about that while studying now, I crave to go to the kitchen and lacerate myself with that crude unsharpened knife.


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Well, my school allowed Juniors and Seniors to go to prom. Also, underclassmen could go if they were asked by an upperclassman. So, I went to three proms. My sophomore, junior, and senior year. My sophomore prom wasn't too bad since my best friend was also going with her boyfriend. But my boyfriend would leave me by myself to go act silly with his class. Once, a random guy came up and started dancing with me. It was so weird. Anyways, it wasn't too bad. & post-prom was awesome! My junior prom sucked. I had a different boyfriend at the time and he was starting arguments with me the whole time. So, we ended-up leaving early. & post-prom sucked, didn't stay for long. Finally, my senior prom was the best one I had! I was planning to go with my boyfriend, who was my boyfriend from junior year, but we broke things off a few weeks before. Most of my friends were just going with other friends, so we were all hanging out the whole time. Plus, I got to dance with my crush. :) So, I had a mixture of outcomes. Lol.


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Proms don't exist in Mexico.

SOME expensive private highschools might do it (and I think all private colleges do), but in my highschool we didn't had a prom.

I had a "prom" on middleschool, but I went just for the food.

And for the "prom" in university, NOPE, not going. School didnt set up anything because "it's the students responsability to arrange their prom cause their adults". Many insults and fights between girls ensued and they picked a very expensive place. $700USD? Nope, not going, I rather spend that money on a new laptop. Or a drawing-tablet to use in Photoshop.


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I was too afraid to ask someone out, and the girl I wanted to ask didn't want to go anyway.
Most of the people I hung out with weren't going either. A girl that I was good friends with (and had suggested going to the prom with me earlier in that year, but she got a boyfriend before prom) ended up going alone (her boyfriend couldn't go; it was actually her birthday that day). I could've gone with her, but I didn't know she was going alone.

So no prom for me. If there's something similar in the end of the bachelor's I'll probably go, but I don't think there is.


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I didn't finish high school, so I didn't go. But I doubt I would have gone anyway.

This question makes me feel like a loser


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I didn't go to mine :( I wish I had. But I was afraid to...
And at the time I didn't really have any close friends who were going either.


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One of my biggest regrets in life is that I didn't stay in school long enough to even consider going to a prom.


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In New Zealand we don't have a prom, we have something call a formal or something like that. I didn't go, but to be fair even If I didn't have SA I wouldn't have gone as it just wasn't my thing. I couldn't see myself spending all that money when I'd rather be home watching tv or hanging out.


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I actually didnt go. I graduated in 1993 and I just used an excuse about financial problems or money and that was that if I was asked cause I couldnt dance period. I also had high anxiety and tended to get nervous around crowds then. I used to be bad in the school hallway
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School formal/prom is still a long way off for me, but I'm sure not looking forward to it. I skipped last year's formal and made up the excuse that my parents would'nt let me go which wasn't true at all.


I didn't go either, but I don't feel particularly bad about it. I think because I had a girlfriend at the time and therefore had nothing to prove. I think she wanted to go, though... but we didn't really talk about it and she knew how I felt about it so she only really brought it up once in passing. It was good that we didn't go, though because then she would have seen how much I didn't fit in with those people.


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I didn't go. It's funny because I had a girlfriend and a car at the time. I think a bunch of us kind of considered the prom uncool at the time so it wasn't a priority. I also suspect I was low on funds so probably couldn't afford to rent a tux and all the other expenses that go with it.
The first two I went to were awesome! The first one, I was a sophomore and my girlfriend was a senior and we went to it and had a great time, even better time after the thing :cool: The next year I was a junior and the girl I was dating at the time was too and we went and had a great time, at the after party we got absolutely drunk and then went to the quarry to go swimming. My senior prom came around and I was single-sort of, and I took a really good friend that I thought would be fun to take. Nope! She didn't want to dance, didn't want to go to the after party, didn't want to go to one of them fancy restaurants, nothing. Just wanted to go home. Ruined my whole night! I remember thinking to myself on the way to take her home, "I spent 6 hours waxing and detailing my truck for this!?" After I was rid of her I went to the after party and had a blast. I miss those pre SA days so much.


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I love getting dressed up, and love the fact that everyone I knew pretty much I was going to see.
But apart from that, no. Food was amazing, but everything else was pretty darn average. We were made to walk in pairs in front of 500 people on a stage to receive our award. We didn't rehearse, and I was the leader, and had no idea where to go. I went to walk off the stage the wrong way and had to turn around. It sucked so bad, I hate an SP momo infront of everyone. :/ Photos of each individual on the stage getting their certificates, and 9/10 all :D like, and I simply look like I wanna gtfo of there.
Then there comes dancing; we had to do a class dance infront of everyone. What the hell, who designs this bull shit. Dancing is so stupid - everyone looks like a dickhead, and they don't seem to know it. I feel shame just watching them, let alone participating. I don't even think it's the SP in me talking, dancing is lame.
Haha anyway it was nice to have perfect hair for once and fun to spend heaps of money on a dress and great photos with some of my best friends. Overall, the night got the "ok" rating.
Oh and the "after party". lol.
I had the genius idea of renting a limo afterwards, but none of my friends were interested. I was underage at the time, so no going out. So I get a lift to my mate's house and we pick up some stuff before planning on heading to my other friends house for a little sleepover. Half an hour after night ends, the friend whose house we were meant to be going to was "too tired" and decided to go to bed. We had nowhere to go so we eventually talked sleepy friend into waking up a bit and went to her house and just chilled in the living room. It was pretty crap.
The end.


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I don't really remember. I finished high school about... uhm... 13 or 14 years ago, I guess. I was bullied somewhat, so my brain made me forget a lot of that time.
I never liked wearing formal clothes, so I thought "fu all", put on a regular t-shirt and stuff, got my certificates, and then... I don't know, probably left.


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I didn't go and I would like to think that I wanted to go but instead I'm just going to look back forever wishing I had a reason TO want to go.. I guess.