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  • Thanks! :) yours is really neat as well! I got it from a comic site I frequent: Magical Game Time
    How did you think of that title? I loved splashing around in wellies pre-school. I adore rain, when it's at its hardest. I don't understand the deep, fragile fear of rain - the grimacing, scowling in shelter, in hoodies. No umbrella. I relish the rain. I sailed dinghies & yachts. Rain doesn't hurt. I go out in sandals, and I love it when downpour is severe, with water washing right through my feet, into the drains! I've always hated socks.
    oh yeah i love a-ha , scoundrel days is a great album too! morten was such a sex bomb!
    Hi.I don't paint myself.I just enjoy looking at paintings in books and in art galleries.Second book shops often have art books there that not expensive.I went to the National gallery earlier in the week.There were some lovely painttings by JMW Turner,Constable,Monet etc there.I have seen a few paintings by Dali.Lots of bright colours and sureal images.Artists that are distinctive are the best ones.Which Dali paintings do you like?
    Hi. I noticed you were an art student.Over the last few months I have gotten into looking at art in books and gallaries.Some of it was very beautiful and moving.Do you have any favourite artists? I like JMW Turner,Constable,Monet and others.
    Exactly, have you watched? I like! :) Vanessa Paradis, her look is amazing, and the character in the movie, too
    How come you have no-one to make you a cake? You seem friendly enough?
    Thanks for the friend request! Just been reading some of your posts to find out more about you. You seem really cool. Art student! The best. When I was younger I wrote songs, books, magazines and made movies. Having an artistic outlet is very helpful. Love the fact that you like French music but don't understand a word. I'm a big fan of Francoise Hardy and love listening to her old 60's tracks. Don't know what she's singing about, but it sounds divine! Be eternally cool, Chris (Gloomy Sunday)
    Thanks! I've lost count how many times I've listened to it. It's a song that never leaves the memory. The greatest torch song of all time. Take care, Chris (Gloomy Sunday)
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