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  • Hi.The two steps from hell company sounds interesting.It had not occured to me that there are companies that make music for video games.But I imagine since the video game industry is so huge,that there is probably alot of demand for music.Music for example in movies,really helps to set the mood and give scenes more impact.
    Hi.Thats the beauty of music really.There is so many different kinds,types to appeal to different tastes.Music really has the power to influence the emotions.What sort instrumental groups do you like.
    Hi.Coldplay seem very popular.Lots of the bands,artists I like are from the UK and the US.Groups like Muse, Queen, Creed,Alterbridge,Bush,Smashing Pumpkins,Shunk Ansie,M Jackson,Chuck Berry and others.

    These countries have contributed alot to world music.What do you look for in a band,artist music wise.
    how's it going? I got a new apartment for April right on the bay behind Lake Superior in Duluth with a great view. Feeling pumped. Hope all is well with you.
    He's asleep in my bed. We went out for dinner and I thought I was in for a long night but he must be tired? Good for me. Going to get good sleep and tomorrow sounds like he'll be gone by mid-afternoon! The simplest things are so damned hard.
    Hope you are well. I've been better than most weeks but now I have company coming and it's my own son and my social phobia still kicks in. TGIF anyway (even though I don't work, thought that maybe you do?)
    I've never dreamt of spiders and thankful that I haven't. The worst I've come across are white tailed spiders. Goddamn I hate those spindly ones.
    I dream about spiders almost nightly, and it's been that way for many years. I especially hate the brown furry wolf spiders. If you shine them with your flashlight at night the eyes glow back at you like a deer in the headlights!
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