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  • Okay.Public ownership or government ownership use to be very popular in Britain before 1980s.The water companies,gas companys,raillways,Steel industry,telecommunication and others were goverment controlled.Privitisation took place after the 1980s and some people like it some dont.Prices of the railways,electricity,gas etc have gone up over the years but so has the quality of service,choice etc.

    Is the cost of water,gas,railways,high in Portugal.

    The Euro is an odd situation in some ways.I believe in the EU even though it has some problems but the Euro is maybe a step too far.Different countries have different financial sytem etc so one currency will not suit different countries.

    I think Germany contributes more money to the EU than most countries but maybe they benifit alot from the EU though.
    Lol.Alot of passion in your last message.I was going to mention corruption but I was not totally sure if it was a big problem in Greece,but I guess it might well be.There is so much temptation to abuse power in goverment.You need to very disciplined politicians and some are not.

    Some people believe Greece should not of signed up to the euro in the first place due to the state of their economy and inferstructure.Its alleged they got help to fix their books to appear there were no problems.

    A mix of well run private and public business is probably a better idea.Bad private companies can exploit their workers,pay low salaries,etc.Goverments can meddle alot in the public sector,less motivated staff.There are positives and negatives to public and private sectors.

    One or two bail outs is justifable but three is really pushing it.Whats your view on the EU.
    The Greek situation is quite facinating in some ways.It sounded like the country came close to leaving the Euro and returning to the Drachma.Its interesting how the Greek politicans seem so unwilling to admit to the fact that so many Greeks not paying tax and other issues contributed to them being in the situation they are in.They are getting yet another bail out of billions of Euros from the EU therefore the citizens of Europe.How do you feel about the bail out.
    Hi.Im now working three days a week,so thats new.I recently went to see a circus with clowns,gymnasts and I went to my first sporting event.A Formula E with electric cars,race in a park in London.

    Have you been following the Greek bail out situation.
    Hi.Its funny and sad how seriously some people take football (soccer).To some its more than a game but real life.They dedicate themselves to follow a team and invest so much of their feelings and self into it.I imagine some of your friends are big football fans.I do follow Premiere football in England quite closely but to me it is still a game ,a sport.

    Sport and their fans is facinating in some ways.Getting caught up in the success of someone else is quite odd in a way.Sport in someways is almost a form of combat like the Gladiators in the Colleseum in Rome I think.

    I thought the big cities had late bus services and some 24 hour ones.We have that in London but alot of buses stop running around 10:30 pm most days.Only 1 or 2 have 24 hour services.I feel more comfortable being out during the day than the night.Even though I still get very anxious.
    Okay.Do you feel more comfortable going out at night rather than during the day.Less people around etc.Some people with anxiety do that and I can see why.I try to not to avoid situations because avoidance can quickly excaluate and become the norm.Also big cities like London,Paris,New York etc,tend to be busy pretty much 24 hours with people around all the time.I do believe in making things easier for myself so if I can travel ouside rush hour times then I will.Rush hour time is between 7am to 9 am here and 4pm to 6pm here.Public transport gets jump pack with people.

    I went to see a FIA Formula e,electric car motor race today.Quite interesting at times since Im a fan of F1,Motor gp bike racing.It was the first time I had been to any public sporting event.Do you like any sports.
    Hi.How has the weather been like in your part of Portugal.In London the last few days its been warm but not too warm.It makes me feel more energised and motivated to go out exploring,walking etc.How about you.
    I read most days when I can.Sci fi,fantasy,general fiction.I like books with comedic elements to them.Authors like Douglas Adams,Terry Pratchett.

    I love animated movies and comedies.I have seen most of the Pixar and Dreamworks films as well as others.The Ghibli studies have done some great films lika Arrietty,Kikis delivery service,Ponyo etc.I enjoyed them.

    I highly recommend Ghibili studio films.
    Mmm.Interesting idea you wrote about in the last message,in regards to society and jobs.Societies norms to do with behaviour and herd mentality can really affect individuality in people.It can be hard to go against the majority.

    For example some people like to complain about their jobs because thats what their friends,peers do.I think you mentioned that.Despite wether they really dislike their jobs or not.Another societal norm is to go to the pub reguraly to drink.I rarely drink but over the years I have felt some pressure from people from society to drink.Its suppose show your a real man and your fun,outgoing.I try to be more of an individual and not blindly follow trends etc.How about you.
    Hi.Not having money problems is a dream for alot of people.Yes Im a fan of studying for fun and Im actually doing an online gardening course which Im finding facinating.Alot of people chase the dollor,pound,euro rather than choose jobs that they have a passion for.But when there are bills to pay can not worry about finding a job they love.Only a few people can claim to be a job they are passionate about.Most people have jobs they have mixed feelings about.Its about earning to live, eat,to support yourself.
    Hi.The minimum wage is a great idea,but its only £6.40,(9 euros) or so here in England.There is something called a living wage that some companies have,that takes into consideration the cost of living in a particular city like London.Its higher than the minimum wage.Its amazing how the cost of goods,services can vary in cost from city to city in the same country.Is it like that in Portugul.
    Hi.That shows dedication that your willing to leave behind family etc in Portugal for work.Im not sure many brits would have that willing to travel overseas for work.Some would though.I suppose thats one advantage of the EU for some.Moving countries plus anxiety issues can be escpically tricky.

    I work part time in a resturant and there are quite a few Portugeuse people there.They work hard.Maybe travelling for work is less of an issue for some.
    Okay.Data science sounds challenging.Im not sure what the job situation is in Portugal,but is there abig demand for people with this qualification.
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