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    I haven't seen that movie in years. Think I'll download it. Thanks!
    No problem. The other night, you and I were the only ones online and that's what it reminded me of. XD
    Oh! Hahaha! I guess I didn't realize at the time. I can't count the number of times I've logged on and been the only one here!
    I would have to disagree where dogs are concerned. Dogs are surprisingly intelligent and can also be very intuitive. They actually can pick up on your mood and act accordingly. I also think they're capable of love. Have you ever seen the videos where an owner will come home after being away for a year? If not, you should look it up on youtube. The dog is overcome with joy at being reunited with its' owner. So much so that they can't control themselves. Cats, not so much. I sincerely think they are incapable of love. They may be comfortable with their owner but I think they see humans as a convenience only. Such as people who can provide them food, shelter and sometimes affection. I don't they care much which human provides this for them as long as they're comfortable enough with them.
    Hi.I imagine it is tough to give up a pet but sometimes it's for the best.If someone can provide a better home then the animal deserves it.Animals have the right to a good life and are not here for our convience.Im speaking generally and not about anyone in particular.

    No doubt cats and dogs can recognise individual people they are in contact with reguraly.But some claims made by pet owners I find hard to believe.Some have tendency to think their pets love them and can pick on the owners moods.Ideally that would be nice but I doubt that cats and dogs are capable of human emotions like love.Humanizing their animals too much can be a problem. Obviously cats and dogs can be very intelligent by animal standards.

    What do you think?
    Sorry about my slow response and thanks for the message.Kids being allowed to take care of pets can teach them responsibility and get them more in touch with nature.Obviously some pets are not suitable for kids since they need more experienced owners.Kids that are likely to loose interest fast in pets probably should not have them I think.Do you think your dog can recognize you.I recently read about how animals like dogs,cats and how they see us
    Yes.Cats can be very independent but still need looking after such as feeding..One cat that visits me reguraly spends most of his time out and about on the street despite having a home.Seems a weird arrangement but many cats do like being out and about.

    What age were you when you first got a pet and what was the animal?
    Hi.Just thought I would say hi since I saw your post on a forum.Do you think dogs and cats make the best pets?
    I think the longer they live the better (provided they are in good health). The worse thing about dogs is they don't live as long as we do. My very first dog was a German Shepard/Sheltie mix. Interesting dog. She was very smart like a sheltie but could be downright mean and aggressive like a German Shepard. She also had a tendency to bolt, sometimes right into traffic. I tell you that little dog used to drive me crazy! I was only about 8 when she ran away when she was taking a walk far from home with my mom. Much to my amazement, she came home on her own later that evening. I guess she just wanted a day on the So it was a major relief when my Sheltie refused to leave my side whenever we were out. I live in a condo also and see many small dogs here. It always makes me want to get another.

    This little guy cracks me up!
    Shelties are gorgeous little dogs. I like the idea of a dog that I don't have to keep on a leash, too. My pug stuck close by, but she was very protective, so she'd go chasing after things that got too close. :D

    My aunt had a Shitzu names Peanut, ha ha. That was the sweetest dog in the world.

    Yes, I definitely want a small dog, I live in a condo and don't get out too much (shocker!) So little dogs are the best fit for me.

    I like Bostons because I prefer the bully type dog, though I'm also looking at miniature Dachshunds; I had one growing up and they're fun little dogs, too. Plus, they live forever... I had a friend whose Datsun lived to be 22!
    Don't worry about it, I'm the worst responder to messages in the world.

    I've been looking at Boston Terriers, does any specific breed interest you?
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