How was your prom?

How was your prom

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  • I didn't even go to it

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  • Didn't finish high school yet

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I didnt have a prom, i had a grad celebration, but really, potato, potahto,

I couldnt get a date at all of course. I hadnt met my wife at this point and wasnt very popular with the ladies. My dad, and my uncle, knowing this, suprised me and totally put me on the spot by pooling together and hiring an escort to go with me, and i have to say she was stunning. Anyway, of COURSE i was all tongue tied and nervous and such, but she was really very nice and sweet and actually made me feel alot better. So i took this girl to my grad, i had just turned 18 so everything was good there, and man, the lokos i got from the "popular" crowd was just freakin awsome, everybody wanted to know how this pencil necked geek like me managed to get a date like this girl. It was so worth it.

For those who may or may not be wondering, when the night came to an end, no, nothing more happened, i didnt spend the night with her. Dont get me wrong, she was georgous, i wanted to, but at the same time it meant alot to me that she put an effort into going even though she was getting paid to be there. Just made my day that much more worth it. Felt great for the underdog to land on top just once ;). She also apparently said it was the most fun she had had on a job before, so who knows.

And yes, my wife knows. lol. Had i known my hunny then i most definately would have asked her!.


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Prom sucked. I did end up going even though I REALLY didn't want to. Obviously I had no date so I went with a couple friends that didn't have dates either.

I didn't dance since I had no date and was too shy to go up to anyone and ask.

At one point I saw my biggest high school crush and I swear she was just standing there staring at me (obviously I couldn't be 100% sure though). I always felt like I had a legit chance at her, her locker was right next to mine all of senior year. She'd go and just sit by her locker every morning so I'd see her then and like 4-5 other times throughout the day. Even though I only ever said a couple words to her I just got that vibe that she thought I was attractive (my friends would always tell me how many chicks thought I was hot but I just never believed it or had the confidence to do anything about it).

So yah seeing my crush standing there possibly staring at me, and then not doing anything about it made the rest of my prom night suck.

It was bad but probably not awful. There were plenty of other guys there I knew without dates and who didn't dance much so I didn't feel too out of place and awkward. But it certainly was not an enjoyable experience.


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^It was 1976, according to the infinite wisdom of Wikipedia :p

I jumped too, even if I was already expecting it XD
Btw thanks for spoiling the end to anyone else :rolleyes:
haha didn't go to prom, I actually dropped out of school a few months before prom actually happened, luckily I still graduated. In retrospect, I really wish I would have gone to prom, but maybe that's just Rick 2.0, the more confident version of my High School self. Truth is that back then, I probably would have been scared to death of going :eek:


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Wow so many of you guys were lucky enough to avoid it. Obviously i didnt care about it 5 mins after i left but i still wish i wouldn't have gone at all. You people are smart


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I didn't go to mine. The idea of going never even crossed my mind. I just knew I wasn't going to go and that was that. That was 6 years ago, and I have never had a single regret about it.
I never went neither, it also seemed to be the only point where my dad took any interest in my dating life. he told me to just ask a girl to the prom like it was the easiest thing in the world


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Didn't go to either of mine. I didn't really know any girls well enough to ask them. Which really means I was too shy to ask anyone.

In my freshman year of college I bought a 50w Marshall amp head, and have ever since affectionately referred to it as my senior prom. I need to pull it out of my bedroom so I play it more often.

(And maybe tell the neighbors to leave for a while ;))

super frank

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I didn't go to prom, either. I honestly think I was literally the only one that didn't go. It wasn't really because of nervousness, I just hated high school and once it was finished I wasn't going to let anyone even get me to acknowledge that I ever attended high school, much less celebrate my time there! In fact, I don't think I own anything that proves I ever entered second tier education - refused to buy a yearbook, didn't take in anything for my classmates to sign, definately didn't purchase one of those ridiculous 'school leavers hoodies' - (a crap hoody with all of your year's names on the back, so you'll never forget the names of all your great buddies :rolleyes: - no thanks) Naturally, most people bought one. Do high schools do such painfully undesirable garments in America?

I think on the night when all my year was attending prom I played table tennis in my back garden.
It's like I have a twin! ...well besides the table tennis part I don't have the special balls for that.
At that point in my life, the idea of asking a girl to a dance was utterly unthinkable for me. It wasn't remotely in the realm of possibility. Same with the idea of a girl liking me, or of me attending any formal social event.

I'm actually a little surprised that so many people here went to theirs.


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I didn't go to any dance while I was in high school. There was never anyone in particular I wanted to go with and I'm pretty sure no girl would've wanted to go with me even if I was the last guy on earth.


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Oh well. It probably would have sucked anyway because this guy was pretty shy and awkward too and a combination of two shy ad awkward people couldn't have turned out so well at such a massive social event that's supposedly the highlight of a Senior's high school life.
Psh! I'm sure if I ever met you it wouldnt turn out so badly :D
At that point in my life, the idea of asking a girl to a dance was utterly unthinkable for me. It wasn't remotely in the realm of possibility. Same with the idea of a girl liking me, or of me attending any formal social event.

I'm actually a little surprised that so many people here went to theirs.
For me, it's not so much that it's unthinkable. It's just unthinkable that anyone would actually say yes to me. Plus, I never really knew anyone to ask.