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  • I did not even realize that horses got tattoos, much less that any took an interest in them.
    Hey, just came here to suggest intermittent fasting. There are a lot of great articles online you can read as well as many supporting clinical studies touting the health benefits of it. It's working wonders for me personally. Cheers :]
    I commented on your post on the thread "What do you think of dating sites". Sounds like you've had some unfortunate experience. No wonder men have such a bad reputation.
    Hello, I have been reading your posts and I find they stand out a lot because of how similar your thoughts and feelings are to my own. My BMI went from 18 (underweight) to 29 (near obese) in just 7 months (in 2007) and it is very difficult to follow through with any lifestyle changes. Now I am still BMI 29 and I feel disgusting. Sometimes I wear my realistic pig mask so that I can imagine I'm a pig and won't feel like a fat man.
    It's no problem really.
    I guess all of the single men in my area just have way too high of standards. Yeah I don't carry weight on my back but having a BMI of over 30 is a pretty big issue. I would kill to just have the bottom half match the top or vice versa But after 6 months of working out daily, I still have not droped a pound
    Oh, I am so sorry for not responding::(:! When people usually respond to my messages, they usually leave them on my page. Since I didn't see a response from you, I thought that you didn't want to talk to me, or at least talk to me about that.

    But, to respond to what you said, lots of people are attracted to different things. Some men like big-chested women, some like small-chested women, some like thin women, some like them fat. I've met men who have each had something to say about what they like in a woman. Just basing my opinion on the picture I saw of your back on the Tattoo thread, I saw nothing wrong with your body:). I thought it looked great.
    No problem,
    Why do I think I am unattractive?
    Well, I am 30 and have never once been told that I am attractive, never been asked out on a date and as far as I can tell no man finds bull dog jowls, yellow teeth, squinty blind eyes, flat chested, 200+ pound women attractive
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