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  • Haha! Why am I not surprised... Yea it's hard to find gamers around the same age these days. Most of my friends are, living life? Is that what it's called?
    Haha same man! It's definitely a change from the usual depression threads I've been reading :|
    Hello there :) I seemed to be getting better but now I have hit a brick wall again... oh well better keep on trying. How're you?
    What a sad story and turned to a happy ending :)
    My cat was found also well similar place lol. She was in a train station with a litter of kittens, the sanctuary or my vet said she was kicked in the mouth. So she struggles eating solid foods now, or only eats kitten food.
    But yeahh like you said we love them to bits
    I'm sorry for your cat.. I know because my cat was like my best friend. Weird I know right, but true lol. Awhh thats cute you have other cats lol
    I have only one cat now.. and shes 2 (I think) Only reason because got her from a cat sanctuary.
    Awhh im sorry. I had a cat like that. He was getting really old i think he was 14 years old, so he was getting on lol. In the end me and my mum had to put him down because he couldn't eat (because of his teeth) and he couldn't move. Like you said. I'm sorry I know how you feel
    I had the same thing. Its not nice.. I'm still getting over it. but I was a lot better than last week lol.
    hope you get better soon. I have a cat too XD
    Sorry about missing your IM, my phone won't let me respond to those when I'm on the mobile site :/ I tried!
    That's ok, I'm not around here super frequently or anything so there's no rush. :) I'll go check out your reply now ~
    Hey, thanks for the friend request! :) And it's always nice to have an anime lover on my list.
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