How was your prom?

How was your prom

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    Votes: 4 3.4%
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  • ok

    Votes: 13 11.0%
  • bad

    Votes: 9 7.6%
  • Horrible

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  • I didn't even go to it

    Votes: 72 61.0%
  • Didn't finish high school yet

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  • Other

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Didn't go. And I have no regrets about that.

I did go to two homecoming dances. The first one was a total embarassment (I got asked to it, that's the only reason I went, plus I'd never been to a dance before). Just sort of stood there awkwardly while everybody danced and ridiculed me for not also doing so. The next one was just sorta meh, but it wasn't terrible because I was there with my girlfriend at the time so I had someone to just hang out with.
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It was a good experience and a bad experience at the same time. On one hand, I looked good (I think or at least that's what people thought) and I got to talk to my crush (which was the main reason I went). However, it was bad because it was really crowded (which made me really uncomfortable) and I indirectly asked my crush to dance and she said no. I did get to dance though, but it was more or less a awkward dance between two people who were set up with each other. Not to mention I had no idea what I was doing and I had a test the very next morning, so I didn't have the mind set to enjoy and rue it at the time!


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I did not go to prom. Don't see the point.
I didn't like anyone there anyway, and they didn't like me :D
I would've just been standing in the corner bored as fuc*.


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I went, wasn't really bad but.. People were telling me 'oh if you don't go you'll regret it'.
yyyyyyyyyyyyeah not really... All of you who didn't go - you didn't miss anything. If you have SA ofc. For me, there isn't really anything I would've regret. But that's just me.


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I never went to prom. I had dropped out of school for years only to graduate at a later date through an alternative education program. I wouldn't of known anyone anyway.


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prom was ok i suppose. had a nice dress, had a nice date (though he only danced with me during slow songs, then would disappear and id go sit down cause i didnt want to dance alone)
then my "just friends" date became obsessed with me and wouldnt get the hint that i only wanted to be friends


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My prom was just 2 weeks ago, I was the only one who didn't go, afaik, lol. ::p: Felt crap because of that, but the feeling fades away with time. ::p:


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bad.I was sick, having pneumonia and it was bad but not just because of that..
I didn't dance with a girl or was as I didn't go LOL


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Didn't have one in my last year of high school. For my last year of school I attended a small special school for people that had mental health issues so we obviously couldn't do one. In grade 11, I could have went to the prom but a was a loner that entire school year and was way too anxious to ask anyone out.


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I didn't go, but I do have a couple of stories from around that time. A group of girls asked if I was going, to which I replied honestly. After a bit of their excited insistence I should and my repeated stonewalling (which didn't really bother me), my computer science teacher butted in and said she hadn't gone to hers, didn't regret it, and to leave me alone. She was pretty awesome, all told.

There was also a friend of a friend who - for some reason - decided we were going to prom without even consulting me on the matter. I was so completely and utterly flabbergasted by this coming completely out of the blue, all I can remember is saying 'No' and giving her what must have been the most confused face I've ever made in my life. I'm pretty sure she left crying shortly after, which was to my immense relief and I tried not to think too much about it (as avoidance is my wont). Not exactly proud of how that went, but I was just way out of my depth there.
I didn't even consider going to the prom. I couldn't have afforded to go even if I wanted too.

I've made up a lot of prom stories/excuses as to why I didnt go. The best one was that I just went to the after parties. I have lots of stories to fill in the blanks for situations like this. For Example; First concert, kiss, date, sleep over, car, job, etc. I got stories for it all. Now that I'm getting help with SA Ill be ditching them to make REAL stories.