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  • Hi Steppen-Wolf so sorry for the slow reply, I haven't checked my messages for such a long time now! Thanks for saying I seem rather articulate that's very kind of you, wish more people were like you! :) At heart I am not a negative person, although my illness seems to have made me prone to being negative. I suffer from Social Phobia, Anxiety, Stress and Depression. It seems to me that if you have one of these problems, then you are almost guaranteed to have some of the others too! Tell me about yourself and message me whenever you like.
    Hello there... I've seen a few of your comments and you seem like a rather articulate and not overly negative person. May I ask if you suffer from SA or is it something else?
    Hi, I was just passing by when I saw you replied to one visitor message here on your own page; mistake: you've to reply on their visitor message page!
    Hi Raichel, yes I tend to pour my thoughts out when I'm in the mood. I actually enjoy writing more than speaking because I'm more eloquent when expressing myself with non-verbally.
    Hi, you seem to express yourself so well in your writing. I don't know, I feel like I can relate to a lot of the things you say, as if I'm reading my own thoughts. Except that, I'm not able to word them in such a comprehensive way as you do. Do you enjoy writing?
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