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  • Hi, work does my head in too, so I can sympathise with what you are going through - I've got a lot out of seeing a psychologist for the last year and a half or so, so I recommend giving it a go. Here in Australia we can get rebates from Medicare for up to ten sessions per year if you see your GP and go on what they call a 'mental health plan' (mine end up costing only $25 per session)
    I like your tendency to criticise. I get riled about not having control of aspects of my life. Family. Employment. Being forced to pay for things I don't want...
    Hi thanks for the suggestions
    I think that those careers would be quite interesting, however I think I have more of an English/creative brain than a maths/physics brain (pity, cos thats where the money is lol)
    I was considering work experience at a hospital as that would really give a first hand experience at nursing, however I left it too late as I have to study for my final exams, and applications are due in well before then. Perhaps a day placement could be an option though... :)
    Have you thought about being a radiology technician, or working in diagnostic imaging. Maybe you should try volunteering in a hospital to see if you can handle that kind of environment.
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