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  • Hi.Happy new year.A question for you.If you could be any person for a day at a time throughout history,alive or dead,which ones would you choose and why?
    Vivian Vance and Lucille Ball was I love Lucy, Audrey Meadows was Alice in the Honeymooners. I like the Big Bang theory, the show is way newer then the ones i mentioned. I like Wizards of Waverly place too. Selena Gomez was on that show, you can see her comedy in it
    Hi.Vivian Vance,Audrey Meadow.Which shows did they star in.Im not a fan of very macho comedy so I shows like Parks and Recreation with female leads because that helps to change the tone of the show.So its less gross out,macho fueled humour.Maybe the female characters in the Big Bang theory also helps the comedy be deeper and more layered. Also its about nerds and I like that.Nerds are becoming mainstream and liked.Bill Gates,Mark Zurrgberg etc
    Hehe.I think you may have posted a message meant for me on your page by mistake.I have done that before.Im persume its for me since the message you posted was about Christina Applegate.I dont know, dont tell mom the babysister is dead.But I did like her shows Jesse ,Samantha Who and Up all night.They only ran for a couple of series though unfortunetly.Did you see these shows? Good to see more female fronted comedy shows.Women are just as funny as men I think.Maybe in different ways sometimes.
    I love Christina Applegate, I loved Dont Tell Mom the Babysitters dead and recent vacation. I love Ms Applegate. I know you love the episode where they visit England then lol, that two part episode was great. Either it was two or three
    Hi.Who does not know Married with Children.It was a great show.Okay maybe some people dont know it but I loved it.It was reshown over here in England a few years back and I watched alot of the episodes.The Bundy clan and their neighbour.Good to see Ms Aplegate went on to do alot of other comedy shows.Also Mrs Bundy did the Futurama cartoon series.
    Hi.I remember I love lucy,Different strokes,The Incredible Hulk.With so many channels showing repeats I can still see the incredible hulk is being shown on the Horror channel.I love lucy and different strikes made me laugh and they were both ground breaking in their own ways.A show built around a woman and another show about blacks living with whites.I also loved Cheers,Sliders,Wonder woman and lots of british shows you probably dont know like Steptoe and Son,Porridge,Minder,Open all hours,Rising damp.Saying that Its interesting how many shows despite the country you life in people have still seen.
    Sorry about that that sucks, I know how that is, hope it clears up quickly for you. I normally do not get allergies but all these foreign plants have given me strange reactions. Especially something called cottonwood up here I think. Anyhoo, met him in an online game 4 years ago, was not something I ever expected to happen, but one thing lead to another I guess. Somehow we ended up sticking with each other lol.
    I lost a bit of it talking to my American boyfriend so much over Skype. He is pretty much the only person I talk to on a regular basis, so I guess it wasn't a surprise it changed over the years. How are you going today with your SA?
    Ah nice, and yes I do have an Aussie accent lol, probably not as thick as others though, I've lots a little of my accent over the years.
    Thanks, NY seems like a cool place to visit someday. And I sure wouldn't mind trying to some your famous New York pizza over there hehe. About the doctor; its worth a shot right? Might work out great for you. Never thought of one of those.
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