How was your prom?

How was your prom

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  • Horrible

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  • I didn't even go to it

    Votes: 72 61.0%
  • Didn't finish high school yet

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I didn't know we had Proms up here, ;P My HS graduation was awkward to say the least.

I graduated with 15 kids. Some of these kids I went to school with for those last 4 years.

In my last year of HS that's when sh*t really hit the fan in my home life. My mother moved away to go help her Mother out, whom had been diagnosed with Cancer again, to another province. We had plans of going to school together after I graduated. I know life happens, but my Grandma wasn't too ill at the time, & my mother found that out the hard way, eventually she moved out of her parent's home into another city a few hours away.

She was angry at me that I didn't leave with her, & she blamed me for staying by saying that I was only staying for my dad's money. & I was angry with her leaving me with my abusive father because the last time I'd lived with him he had been physically abusive with me & she had been my savior. Plus I was in a "special school" to help me graduate so that I might not end up with the life I have anyway. :applause:

Anyways to make a long story short. My dad & I didn't hit it off, & I ran away & ended up living with 3-5 different friends & a shelter at the end of it over a period of 5 months, whilst still attending senior year. Where just about every place ended in burning bridges.

There were only 3 other girls that I graduated with, 2 I had stayed with. One I had been friends with previously, that ended in no friendship. & One other that I had been friends with, but she & I had ended our friendship earlier in the school year. So one of the gals invited all of us to her home for a professional photo shoot, to have to remember. These girls had been ignoring me, & none of them were friends, except for two, sort of. The parent's of the one I had ended the friendship with before all of everything had happened, told the school that they didn't want to sit at the Grad Dinner with me & my family IF we were to attend.

I got a table all on my own, cuz no one wanted to sit with us. LOL :sarcastic: My mother & Grandma came, & some other immediate family from my dad's side came, & I had only moved back in with my dad for maybe 2 weeks.

We had no dance. 15 kids. I wasn't a part of the cliques, I was too shy, & than my life came to a tumbling hault even though I graduated, but I couldn't go to secondary with the marks I'd had even though I would try later.

I felt like everyone pretty much detested me, which I found out year's later for a high percentage that wasn't the case. But, I went to a private school, & these kids had parent's that were pretty elite & you didn't cross them.

That was that. I think they had a 10 year HS reunion but I cut ties with everyone so I've never been, & most likely never will.

Oh right, there was an after party held at one of the guys homes, but I didn't feel like I belonged, so I didn't go.