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Yeah i that's why i keep trying tho constantly failing is not something pleasant, is it? lol. It's like i meet, let's say, 10 ppl and out of them only one turns out to be "worth it" while i lose the other 9. And that's something coz usually those 10 are shit. The problem now is not only people dissappinting me but the feeling that i must to start all over again, you know? like: Oh no, meeting new people AGAIN...meh.
Hahaha I'm soooo tired of everyone. We're humans after all and need to satisfy that "social need" so we keep trying but to others it seems so much easier...it's too tiresome and drains a lot. The worst part is that all those I meet ain't worth shit so it's like making a lot of effort for something that doesn't even deserve it :(

How do you feel about...socializing ?
I got tired a long time ago, ha ha. I'm human but barely so when it comes to the need for socialization (If I had the money I just wouldn't go out at all). Most of my stress comes about AFTER I've been coerced into going out or having to participate in some rare family function. That's one good thing about getting older, there's fewer people who can tell you what to do. :D
Be careful, though. Social phobia can make you cynical, which can make you give up. There's worthwhile people out there, we just have to pick our shots. :)
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Don't worry about the late reply.

My dog's a Boston Terrier. He was 8 weeks old when I got him, now he's 5 months. He's a handful, but he's smart and very entertaining. :D

I hear ya about socializing. Every time I put myself out there I end up regretting it.

I'm sorry that happened. :(
Me too, ha ha.

Same old same old for me, except that I got a dog.

What have you been up to?

Yeah, it sucks that the images don't show up anymore, but I just think of the links like they're a kind of drum-roll. :D
Sorry for the delay.

A dog? what breed? that's good Fountain (i guess lol). As for me...well, not good times. Some months ago something really bad happened with a friend and it hurt a lot. Don't know why i keep trying to socialize when it always brings more pain than joy lol.

Btw i second the drum-roll idea :P