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long time no see. Tomorrow will be Nov. 1, the start of the Christmas season for me. If you ever come back and see this and want someone like me to talk to, you can PM me and I'll check it from time to time. I'd really like to be friends with you. So sorry for the many PM's I sent you in the past.
Doing school group activity is not that easy. Lots of times, I just can't say what I have to, to be able to do the activity well. I am still trying what I can and hope I can do this 'til the end of school year. I hope that my groupmates will be understandable of me that I am not functioning the way that I am supposed to. Though as I said, I am trying what I can and I helped in someways, it may just not be satisfying.

I still think you of my friend, I miss you, peace to you,, you are remembered and cherished <3