How was your prom?

How was your prom

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  • Horrible

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  • I didn't even go to it

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  • Didn't finish high school yet

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In our school, it was a requirement to go to the prom. The first prom in 3rd yr HS, was ok because when the prom entrance was about to start, some people were late so our entrance partner got mismatched and uneven so I was surprised when my crush just grabbed me and my best friend for the walk. But I was basically a loser because I didn't have a prom partner and one guy who danced me is my teacher. But it wasn't that painful because some of my friends are also wallflowers (nerds) like me so I have someone to chat with. And seriously, my gown was such a blah!

The 4th year prom was better and worse at the same time. I had a better look and better gown, I was even nominated for best dresser. Although I didn't win and I don't wanna win of course!
I still didn't have a prom partner but I wasn't a wallflower either. Four guys danced with me: my seatmate, my suitor, my guy buddy, and another teacher.

It was worse because my adviser forced me to join the prom waltz . So for several weeks I had to come home late for the practice. But at the time of the performance, my dance partner's suit button stucked to my hair when we did the twirl and it went for like 2 minutes, so we were humiliated in front of the whole people and we almost messed the dance. I didn't blame my partner because it was an accident anyway. But of all days, why does it had to happen on the prom!

Also, I'm not really fond of my suitor and I rather dance with my guy buddy. So it kinda irked me when my suitor asked my guy buddy for the switch. And when it was time for me and my guy buddy to have a dance, the music suddenly changed to effing disco! How frustrating was that!

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I also was the only one of my class who didn't go, back in 2007. Even people who didn't have a date still went with some of their friends. I remember we had to take dance lessons during our PE class in order to get ready for it.


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Mine was okayish. But I didn't go my senior year, I went either freshman or sophomore.. I can't remember

I ended up going with a girl friend of mine. Actually, I think she was my only friend. I wouldn't have gone if she hadn't pressured me into it.

While we were there it was pretty boring. I remember we ate and sat down a lot while everyone else was dancing. But at one point one of our classmates looked as if he was going to ask my friend to dance with him or something, but he didn't have the ballz to do it. I just sat there awkwardly and felt bad that no one seemed the least bit interested in me.

Also, my friend had me remove my bra straps because she thought my dress would look better without them. So throughout the night I kept having to pull my bra up because it almost kept falling off! I also tried to keep my arms close to my sides to help keep the bra up lol. I guess my bra was a wee bit too big for me. I didn't tell my friend though because I was really embarrassed about it. So I was pretty uncomfortable =\ But it could have been a lot worse, so I voted that it went "ok". It would have been great if I didn't go at all though.
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Most of us didn't go? Hehe. I definitely didn't, and honestly I can't even remember when it was. Not a big fan of dancing or dating here. Plus I couldn't understand why I should have to drop a couple hundred bucks on what in my eyes are stupid-looking dresses anyway. I'm sure I did much more productive things that read Harry Potter or watch Dragon Ball Z. ;)


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Meh, it was pretty "normal" but back then in high school I was pretty normal too, well not normal in the slightest just more capable of being social and fun. Ever since seeing Dumb and Dumber, I always said I would go to prom in an orange tux, you know the one!!! However, my mom was NOT having that lol, this day was a lot more important to her than it was for me. I didn't give two ****s about prom, to me it was like, Great now I got 4 more years of school!!! So yeah, instead of getting an orange tux, I went the other way and levelled for the top hat, cane and white gloves, it was too hilarious. So yeah, it wasn't anything great, we ate a crappy dinner and then there was a dance which I snuck off to the bar for and got drunk instead with two of my buddys. However, the best part of the night was our entrance to the convention centre where it was held at. Me and my buddys drove an old school RV there and right before we all piled out of it we hot boxed it like MAD and then came piling out. All the other people were there in their fancy limos and dresses getting pics taken while we just came pouring out of a cloud of smoke, it was too funny.


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I was torn about going. I wanted to avoid it so bad but I gave in to social pressure as I didn't want to hear everyone asking me why I didn't go to prom.

I didn't really enjoy it but it wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. I was too shy to dance with anyone of course. The main thing I remember about it was having direct extended eye contact with the girl I had a crush on my entire senior year.

She was a year below me but had a locker next to me the entire year. I didn't talk to her once the whole year, I was too shy. But she looked at me quite often whenever I'd walk by her in the halls and what not. I probably had a shot with her if I could have ever worked up the courage to talk to her.

Anyway she went to prom with one of the popular but goofy seniors she clearly wasn't into. But yah at one point of the night I turned around and she was like 10 feet away at the drink bar just looking at me. We held eye contact for a couple seconds and then I got nervous and walked away. I wanted to approach her so bad that night but I just couldn't do it.


I didn't go... But thinking back I wasn't actually allowed to go as I wasn't graduating. I skipped some courses required for graduation but unnecessary for university.


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Never went to my high school prom, All my friends went and i basically went to work.I really regret it now, i think it is one of the things that fueled my SA.


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I am one of the many that didn't go. I wanted to go but I was too scared to get a date, and even if I had asked someone, I would have probably flaked because I would've been too scared to go. It was embarrassing at the time, and it's just as embarrassing now (14 years later) when someone asks how my prom went.


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I didn't go to prom. I didn't know how to "beautify" myself back then, not to mention I rarely put on makeup. I was more a tomboy so girly things scare me. The thought of having to wear a strapless prom dress scares me. I also don't have the long pretty hair to go with it. And most importantly, I don't know what love is. So, it's probably best that I didn't go because I'd die of embarassment if I did.


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I voted "ok". I pushed myself to go because I knew i'd regret it big time with all the things I already had yet to experience as a teen. The only reason I say it was worth it was because it was something I pushed myself to do despite all of the fear.

A little dancing to music I despised. So embarrassed to dance! Ditched the after party because it just wasn't my scene. There were beds. *slaps forehead* Went to a 24 diner nearby with some friends instead (one of which wanted to put a beer cup in her purse lol) and chilled until early morning.
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I don't even know what prom is really but I failed to finish this school in 4 years so there's no graduation party for me.