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  • German eh? I was born in Lansthul, Germany on the American Army Base. My mother was from the Homburg area and I still have several family members there. My father is also from strong German decent but born in the U.S. Always nice to meet a fellow Kraut.
    Hallo :p Awwwe are you german? In that case I just want to say that Germany!!! Is a Very very incredible country!!! C=
    Huge worship for anyone in €urope who understands English! I can never do the reverse. This is right at the top of my failings. Someone who works as a programmer. I wanted to do that from my BSc degree and I've failed because all I know is SQL. any .net makes me puke, and it's part of life to have to like it to be successful
    The first thing I got from this world was a knife in the back (was born via a cesarean, and the doc sliced open my back... still got the scar three decades later).

    Aww, but to be honest it's kinda cool your probably one of the very few who can say that!
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