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by grapevine Go to last post
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I feel half-crazed, especially around people. Trauma left me phobic around sources of danger, especially sharp objects and chemicals. Diagnosed OCD. I haven't been able to 'let it go' for over a decade. Feeling a little better after changing lifestyle and diet, and increasing serotonin. I would love to hear some anecdotes from people like me,... by Monkish1
by Monkish1 Go to last post
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Researchers Identify Genetic Marker Linked to OCD - 05/13/2014 I suspected it was hereditary. Most of my dads side and two of my kids have it! by Remus
by S_Spartan Go to last post
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Hello there, I have not been diagnosed with OCD but it is something i have been suffering with for a few years, but recently in the last year it is beginning to take its toll on me. Basically i have OCD for perfection & symmetry, Also whenever i buy something "brand new" from a store such as a new mobile phone, Television, or a new kettle, new... by conscious_mindz
by akala Go to last post
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Hey guys. I wanted to talk about my mind right now. I let a dog that I used to walk for a family friend lick my penis a few times. I also tried this with my own dog. I didn’t think anything of it; I was a horny hormonal kid who didn’t think before he acted. I didn’t even think of this event until about 6 months ago. I have bad OCD, and this... by tomt18
by Sacrament Go to last post
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has anybody watched The Secret, with the hole having positive energy and the things u want will happen. I really think this is like a OCD provoker. I watched it long ago and for someone with ocd this is really a bad thing. it just emphasises the hole negative positive connotation to everything and drives u to believe that ur irrational... by Moonbird
by gustavofring Go to last post
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Last night, I remember faintly there was one scenario in my dream that made me not want to go back to sleep. In the dream, I was typing on a very wide screened computer(it was kind of a bizarre looking one) and I was chatting with this guy online who I thought was the same age as I was. I don't clearly remember the conversation we were having... by FriendlyShadow
by Earthcircle Go to last post
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I wouldn't exactly consider myself to have OCD.. Well, actually, I would, but in a very mild case. Nonetheless, I have a strange obsession with the number 9. It doesn't really effect me in my job or in normal life, it mostly just effects me in my head. When I say things, whether it's to myself in my head, or outloud to other people, I go out of my... by badlydrawngirl
by Nazim Go to last post
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I'm a 15 year old girl. I have a problem where I would stare at everyone in my peripheral vision. EVERYONE. I notice every single thing. I don't want to get people uncomfortable! Really, I have much better things to do than sit and stare. It gets so embarrassing. I want to hide sometimes. It got really bad in Spanish class yesterday. The teacher... by xinhdep_girl
by ImNotMyIllness Go to last post
21 11,199
Ok, First of I have always had sometype of OCD when I was a kid. It would usually just be minor and go along the lines of me doing something repeatedly. But as of recent I have been having these Intrusive thoughts. It first began when I started to have intrusive thoughts towards younger females which I found extremely disturbing because I wasn't... by KoolGenius
by Earthcircle Go to last post
22 2,643
Hey everyone, I was just wondering if there are other people that have a fear of posting pictures, statuses etc on websites like facebook, instagram or snapchat. Even just liking someone elses things is hard to do because I know everyone will see that I have liked something. It is easier for me to post on here because I don't know any of you... by Jus_lodge
by RegalSin Go to last post
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Hello. Is there anybody to whom dianetics has helped to get rid of or facilitate symptoms of OCD? I had read in the internet that Dianetics can help with it. Please read the quote: "Anxiety is anxiety no matter what impressive names have been given the condition — “Generalized Anxiety Disorder,” “Panic Disorder,” “Obsessive-Compulsive... by blue_sky
by gcd Go to last post
9 3,521
I feel like no matter where I go I'm being judged constantly. I feel like I'm going to do something wrong. I feel like all my friends only hang with me out of sympathy and they don't like me. :sad: Many people say that I'm completely wrong but I still have the feeling there lying. Am I alone or does anyone else feel like this? by JoJo10199
by Alienated Go to last post
10 1,217
Once i became aware of it, i can't stop looking for the corners of my eyes on other people, now it makes other people un-comfortable, and i can not handle it, on the bus, train, and when i look down with my head like, people ask "everything is good man?" and think something happened to me.. this problem ruins my life and i can not continue like... by Mike555
by Mike555 Go to last post
23 12,049
Sooooo... I'm new to this website so please excuse me for being a newbie ;3; I have considerably bad OCD in the form of being a germaphobe. In the past I have gone to get help from several different people. Eventually after finding someone I felt comfortable with I started to get help, exposure technique, breaking up a routine ect, but then... by ShinobiBunny
by ShinobiBunny Go to last post
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This is my very first post. First of all, I'm not saying that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. But I have this staring problem. I used to not have a staring problem, I miss that. Well my staring problem started when I was going to this orientation day, there was this really pretty girl with really nice hair with all these highlights and I... by Kylie26
by spider04 Go to last post
9 1,163
Right now I'm having extreme intrusive thoughts about little kids. Thoughts about raping or touching little kids. And I'm getting a little groinal response. This is what is happening specifically: I automatically, without even thinking, say to myself "I wonder if I'll get aroused if so and so happens to a little kid". Then I imagine something... by flyinghome
by PugofCrydee Go to last post
7 1,419
Ok. I am starting to feel like I am germaphobic to an extreme. So today I do my usual treatment like I always do at dialysis. I totally freaked out when the dialysis tech who worked on me suddenly and rudely took my headphones from my Ipod without asking and put it in his ear and another man's ear to test and see if they worked for his tv cause... by MotherWolff
by theoutsider Go to last post
8 1,255
Seriously, I hate cleaning because I hate touching anything dirty. It's an awful paradox. ...Actually kind of laughable now that I see it on the screen. by Falloutboy
by LoyalXenite Go to last post
10 1,045
hey yall just felt like sharing my story cuz I love to read your stories. So basically most of my ocd comes from all of the pets I own. I love them so much so it causes me to do obsessive things because I want to keep them safe. When I get home from school before getting anywhere near my pets I have to wash my hands extremely well because I am... by donaldk
by Falloutboy Go to last post
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I started having a lot of obsessed thoughts regarding how emotions have been discovered to be chemical signals in the brain after reading a scientific article. I have gotten so obsessed that now I think I'm chemical XD and my emotions don't exist lol. I usually never obsess so much lol. If anyone else has had obsessive thoughts recently feel... by Voltage91
by theslowesthand Go to last post
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