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  • "This place is dying off, old forum software and failure to advertise on google has led to it's demise, I'm on FB way more with the groups on there these days."

    What FB groups are you in?
    Most of the big groups
    Hi Remus. I'm wondering if you can delete my thread in the Personal Stories Forum titled "No Fairytale". Thanks.
    Hi Remus,

    My name is Ryan Hill. I've been posting on here for a few years and have enjoyed the forum. I wonder if theres a way I can volunteer at all to help with the site. My post count isn't huge but I always put as much effort and thought as I can into each post! I'm not in the mental health field, but have been married for 12 years, involved in a professional work environment for over a decade and enjoy writing. I've struggled every step of the way with anxiety and know full well the challenges it creates. If you can think of anything, feel free to share my info with the other moderators or drop me a line directly. [email protected] Thanks, Ryan
    Is the ban permanent? I'm sure he's just lonely or something. Maybe give him a warning and let him come back in a week, that would be cool.
    Hey there. Why did you ban Halym exactly? I looked through his/her posts and didn't see anything wrong.
    Avatar thats what I meant, I just tried a small pic and got the same result. Oh well dont worry about it.
    I dont know why but I cant get my profile pic to show up. Can you see it? Maybe its my browser.
    Some moderator just threatened to perma ban me for something I did not do. I would like to speak to someone else about such an absurd thing.
    Hi, could you please delete this account? I don't want my username to be associated with my account, since this is a website with very personal matters.. ;(
    My previous account name was Still_Waters and I was banned due to a misunderstanding. I posted a link to one of my websites ( in my signature section and even though they say that this is okay in the User Profile Features section, they still decided to ban me for spam and I was very saddened by this. I feel like the administrative staff could do better in reviewing their own policies and making sure members don't get banned for absolutely no reason.
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