Obsessive transgender thoughts

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I suffer from OCD and for the past year have been paralyzed by intrusive thoughts I am transgender. I am 21 year old male, gay but have never had a trans thought my entire life. These thoughts are debilitating and have taken over my life. I am on meds (2 1/2 months) however thoughts are still there. I feel there is no hope for me and I will suffer my entire life. I am in counseling and it was suggested I face my fear and try drag. Really??? My mother is very against this idea as it may feed my obsessive thoughts rather than starve them. What do I do? Any suggestions? Thank you.


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1. Not to be disrespectful. People are one gender. Unless you have the ability to generate X gametes. You say your a dude. Then your an dude.

2. Stop looking at the human weather. The media and all of that bs. Go outside and enjoy yourself. Find something to keep you occupied. Why not try painting or drawing. That tends to be my out lite. Join something or do something to make you happy.

Rob Schrab. A typical 70's guy ( one class of that term ) but spent a good majority of his time doing stand-up comedy with a bunch of cross-dressing characters. He is proud of his cross-dressing character he was doing for an time.

4. Your only non-heterosexual if you made it with another person of same gender. Not experimenting ( which is the correct term for doing things of that nature ). Not because people tell you, and not because if their was an law to put this on your ID. Only if you have done this action you are that. Not because the way you speak or your activities. They have an stupid song about being creative and being non-heterosexual as well. The bottom line is that your not non-heterosexual until you have made it with somebody else.
Whatever activities you do they are still experimental an you should just enjoy life itself.

5. I am against drugs in general.

Good day and hope that works out with you.


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People who are transgender have often felt that way from an early age, childhood or teens. More importantly, the feeling itself is something that doesn't just go away, either of being uncomfortable with their assigned gender, of negative feelings towards their own body, or of being another gender. It's important to recognize what OCD does and that if those things aren't true feelings that you have it's not just going to come out of nowhere into your life.

I don't know about trying drag because for trans people it's about more than the clothes. However, I also don't know much about your OCD or what aspects of this you're focusing on, so I can't say how confronting the image of yourself as a woman or more womanly might actually change things.


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I think trying drag might be a good idea. At least to see how you feel about it.

The user that mentioned that most transgender individuals know there is something wrong when they're quite young is correct. So - if you want - ask yourself if you've really ever felt disconnected from your body or some version of traditional gender roles/appearences when you were younger.

In any case, give it some time. You don't need to know the answer right now. Just paddle along until you do.

Best of wishes.


I was thinking - and I think I should mention there's chance that you might be gender fluid or somewhere else on the gender spectrum (there's a lot of gender identities apparently. Search them up and see if you strongly identify with them). Anyway, maybe you're not gender fluid, but hey - it's a thought.
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