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Whenever you feel the urge to pick at your skin, tell yourself out loud that you're not going to do it, and find something to occupy your time and mind.


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I've got it too. It's a struggle.

One thing that might stop you from picking is putting vaseline over your scabs where you can.

And try not to put yourself down for not fighting the urge. If 8 hours is the longest you've gone without picking, celebrate and keep trying to go longer! :)


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I used to have a combination of dermatophagia and dermatillomania. I don't get it as much now because I developed trichotillomania, I think my skin picking and biting moved over towards hair pulling, now I seem to have more of a problem with that.


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I am a wolf bitter and met a fellow wolf bitter here. I don't do it so much anymore thankfully. Definitely an anxiety disorder along with all the other things listed on this thread. I still can't leave my nails alone very well. I have never had a manicure which would be amazing I think...and helpful.
In my experience trichotillomania & these other sensory habits are very much stress-related (& also allergies/chemicals as well can cause it to flare-up, perhaps due to increased stress? who knows)