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  • I think we used to chat back in the day! I know that there's lot's of people out there with ADHD. It's just that it sometimes feels overshadowed by other things that are viewed as "more severe" or something. Long story short, it's reassuring to see that I'm not alone in my struggles. Thanks for sharing. :D
    Hi. I wonder if you even remember your old retarded Norwegian friend that used to bug you on messenger. Sorry to see you're still having problems, if you ever feel like being bugged again, say hello?
    Hey Buddy. I hope you are doing fairly well. Although I'm a mess to the max right now but I hope you aren't.
    Hey. I would like to be sure that you know this, I know exactly how you feel right now. If you ever want to spill out to anyone I don't mind. You're really liked here and I know that may not help you feel better but if it does, then I'm glad to say it and I'm sire other will agree.
    Hi.What kind of bird is in the picture in your gallery.Is it a peacock? It real has lovely colours.Im a fan of birds and nature in general.
    NO ONE VISITS ME!!!! That little list at the side hasn't changed in 10 million years! :(
    Man, I was waiting for an update about thee job. You ar suffering with anxiety ore than I am. My problem is I rarely work. Of course the whole stalking customers thing irritates e but they only have me working once a week now and I don't even work this week.i feel so much like a loser every single day,it's embarrassing. I can't even get another job. Thy are the only people that hired me. Only ridiculous place will hire me apparently. So no hope and I won't be surprised if I get an offer from one of the million jobs I'mstillapplying to. Sorry for the typing from an iPads scatter screen (a toddler did it).
    I know what you're going through, at least the whole "need a job, got to school, have a life" thing. I have a retail job (not much either) and I am really trying to get to school now. Mainly because I want a better paying job so I can get the ef out of HERE and get my own place and not have to worry about people hearing my every move and letter I speak out of my mouth. I don't like living with anyone, at least not anyone I don't feel comfortable around. Anyway. I go to work and I'm the fakest of fake. I smile and pretend I'm a pro at it (I think they just like my smile I guess) and I go home to suffer more, not only financially, but in all other ways. Except shelter. A nice warm out and TV is what keeps it okay.
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