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  • Still looking for a job. I am exercising now and procrastinating less. So, all in all, better than before. I'm happy to hear that your job is going well! Keep it up! Thanks for replying! :)
    I really relate to a lot of your posts! We're in very similar situations. First, let me say, Congratulations on the job! That is huge! I know you must be totally stressing out over it (I would be too). But, this is the first step in moving forward. If you have to borrow money (ugh!), do it. You just have to push a little further, you're almost there. Just gotta get the first paycheck. My unemployment is running out, I am going to need to find a job soon too.
    Like the Tolle video clip u posted. He is truly someone I admire and believe in. I wish I could say he has changed my life but I am yet to really apply all his teachings, but I no longer have an excuse not to other than depression which saps the life energy out of you. I listen to him a few times a week though and eventually the fog has to lift. Take care now and hope you're well.
    Hey, I can so much relate to what you wrote on your topic. I will answer it tomorrow, I'm going to bed now. Btw thing what really is related to me is going 360 degrees, my mind is always turning out to be different every moment. Very unstable, it does get better believe me but It's so hard I know.

    Welcome on SPW.

    Saskia (from NL too..:))
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