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Why did I bother checking my actual Facebook? I don't get on it a lot, but every time I see it I feel the same way over and over again, comparing my life to everyone else's. I know people tend to make themselves look better on Facebook, but I still can't help but to compare. It's nothing but a reminder of the friends I've lost anyway, whether it was just us drifting apart or me trying to hang onto the friendship but they wanted nothing to do with me anymore.

Also saw a post from someone who I never would've suspected to post something so awful. It wasn't about me, but it pissed me off a lot and I'm still irritated over it. I'm probably going to delete my Facebook again, for good this time. I'm just tired of it.
This happened ages ago, but I forgot my mom got these pics:

Pumpkin-raccoon faceoff.jpg


That raccoon is one of the fluffiest I've ever seen. If you Google "raccoon" none of the images show a raccoon with that much fur around its face.
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