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  • oh wow pacific you are still active :eek:
    surprised people still use forum formats and not contested in reddit/discord circlejrks.
    not sure if this message has any point, i was just kinda pleasantly surprised to see one person that i recognize still active to this day.
    k, have a good day~
    Hi. Feeling sort of a little better, but maybe that's just because I have an Rx for Wellbutrin waiting for me to pick up tomorrow morning. Thanks for asking.
    Aaww. That sucks about the job. I've spent more time job search than I've held a job and the one I just got only have me working once a week, $8.00an hour soI can feel the pain... I see this being the rest of my life...
    One of my friend's kayaks turned out to be broken, and it's not really a 'taking turns' kind of activity. We did go fishing. We didn't catch anything edible. In spite of all this I had an awesome time. I had missed the beach so much it's crazy. It really did make me feel better about life in general just to wade out into the water a bit and feel the waves on my legs and the sand under my feet.

    The only pic I have is one of the aforementioned feet. Beach after sunset, mostly deserted. Just how I like it.

    Look for Mount Gay rum. I am not sure if it is from Jamaica or not. But we finally got the Mount Gay rum here in Ontario. The white or clear rum. It tastes so much better and not so harsh!
    That is good. Really good with Coke.
    But My tummy says no. Looks full of molasses and I know this sounds geeky but that would make me go bleh! The best rum is from Jamaica and its surrounding areas.
    Spamming my wall!!? Where?

    What kind of rum? They just brought Mount Gay rum to the LCBO in Ontario. The white or clear kind. Which I can finally drink! Usually I had to wait until a friend traveled to bring back this kind of rum.
    I was just looking at that spot in one of your new pictures. Did you show it to me before? I can never find a spot so isolated on the coast here, or so nice looking. True, the beaches are sandier, but there's definitely no woods nearby. That would be really neat. Camping there without worrying about intrusions would be awesome.

    That song you linked me to sounds like whiskey drinking music! :D What are the lyrics about?
    No seriously, I miss talking to you. Do I have to turn on minichat all the time and expose myself to...people I don't want to talk to (that being virtually everyone)? I will if I have to! :sad:
    I miss talking to you as well. I would be delighted to be pen-pals with you if you're ever feeling brave enough. If not, my affection for you does not diminish after long periods without speaking, and I am patient. :)
    Oh no! That is a very difficult position to be in. At least by listening to her, you're allowing her to vent and release her feelings. In that way, you are helping, even if it doesn't feel like much. You're being a good friend.
    My psychotherapist says I have too much on my proverbial plate right now. That I either deal with it or find ways to lessen what I have to do and get done. Like I have work, exercising, packing, moving, car work that all have to get done. I just don't have the time. Sometimes I'd love to have the ability to not need sleep. There is not enough hours in a day.
    If the Toyota is lasting a long time, it isn't shitty. It's perfect! Do you keep up with oil changes? My old Intrepid, all I had to do was keep the oil changes done every 5000KM and it lasted and lasted.

    I was a ****ing angry lunatic back then eh? Things aren't so desperate, nope. But I do have a problem with feeling rushed. Very stressing.
    Somewhat the same routine. Work, workout, drive all over southern ontario. Girlfriend keeps me balanced and thinking differently which is a welcome change.

    I have a pretty good life too. Although seeing that 200$ there for snow tires..... how in the holy **** did you manage that?! Are they used snow tires? I am going to try and write off my snow tires for taxes.

    And it is a-oh-kay being a hermit. If it is the way you like things then there is nothing wrong with that. Nope.
    oHhhhhhuuuu Hey Pacific! Yep I am doing well more or less. Spent 1800$ on snow tires!!!! How about you? Doing well?
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