Post your random thoughts/feelings etc


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Starting a new thread as the original was removed along with all the posts and threads requested by the OP

phew that was alot of deleting!
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Carrot Peeler!!

Lucky, now you get to hit the 1000 post milestone again! Everyone knows it's the best of all the posting plateaus ;)

I hope he doesn't nuke the ''Last person to post wins'' thread as well, otherwise my post count is going back to 13 or something. ::p:


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Aww guess the OP of former thread not coming back for sure. =(

But VJ came back. I guess mess with his post count and he'll show up =D
I get to hit the 400 post milestone again.

Random thought: naps are awesome.

Another random thought: What's going to happen to all of the random thoughts in the old thread? If a random thought isn't typed out, is it still random? Or even a thought? :)
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I'm really liking the cream coloring of my guitar's new pickups. At first I wasn't crazy about them, but they're definitely growing on me.

I would take a picture, but the camera seems to have disappeared....


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I just realised that I don't like wearing pants. When I run out of skirts and I only have pants left.. I walk around in my boxer shorts.

Other than that, I feel furry.