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  • I read your posts about working in customer service. I can absolutely relate.

    This is a don't by some of my favorite artist.... I feel like it was my anthem while I worked in customer service. Still is to some extent.

    Just thought I'd share.

    Get that money, its the weekend shift. :)
    Well as long as you enjoy your field of study, I'd say you're doing better than most people. I've always been surprised at how many people don't really seem to care for their subject of choice.
    You could do what I've done, not that I'd recommend it, and just not take part in any culture.

    Nowadays I'm almost always the oldest person in my classes, and it seems like people just 2 or 3 years younger than me are from a totally different generation. We have nothing in common. Old timers like me don't understand you kids with your fancy mobile games and such. ::p:
    I also had the problem of courses not being held every semester.

    School isn't so bad if you can find a way to enjoy it.
    I've been busy finishing my last semester of college. I'm finally almost done after only 6 short years. Otherwise I'm just hanging in there.

    How 'bout you?
    Hi.I like your cat pic on your page.Is it your cat or a pic from online. I find cats facinating when they are out and about.Unfortunetly I dont have any cats myself.
    Was just browsing the forums and noticed your display pic and thought I'd say hi to another QC fan :D
    Yes it was a summer job, and yes I've passed the 4 year mark since I started college, but for reasons, I won't be done until next fall.
    Selling cars? Heh. No, I was just washing cars for a couple months, then I've been unemployed (and in school) ever since.
    Not the whole interwebs, mostly just here. I made my way to reddit and a few tech-related forums for a while.

    Basically, when I started working at the Nissan dealer 2 summers ago, I didn't have much time to hang around here, so I just.... stopped.

    Happy birthday, Phoenixx! Have a great day!

    (Sent you a message on Viber, but once again it never got through. Bah!)
    Oo yes, I put off watching it for a while too, but if you get past the slight corny-ness of it at the beginning, it really grows on you. Highly recommend!
    No where special, home and busy with school+work+people....also netflix. Doctor Who is my current addiction, I should probably be focusing more on the other things ::p:
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