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  • Overall, much (much) better. I've been on the offensive for the past few months and making good progress. Although, I sense a Depression is starting to develop, I am determined to keep it at bay. How are things with you?
    Thanks for the link! Funny you should send me that. For the last couple weeks, I've been eating very healthy. I'm feeling and looking better. I don't think diet is a cure per se, but I do think it makes a big difference, I can personally attest to that.

    That's great to hear that u also do more real activities. I hope it will last by both of us. Yes i take this also as good sign i'm not that much here on Spw.
    lol, no its so tiny, you must have really good eyesight. that is a nice encouraging quote, i heard of that before! thanks for sharing! :)
    Hiya, U look really beautiful in your pic! :)
    edit -- thanks for the thumbs up about on my avatar! hehe :)
    i cant read urs, i wonder what it says, isit a quote?
    Hello Gazelle:)

    Thank u for asking its mean a lot:) Im feeling good i do more activities outside because i make some new friends and i hope it will last. I try be strong a lot and the medication was helping me a lot. Also im going to psychologist one time per week. And psychiatrist which isnt good one time per month or even more longer coz this is only way how is for free.
    Aw, sorry to hear that, g. What kind of job was this? Just curious about the emphasis on assembly. And only you know what's right for you, but I'd think it'd be way easier to get a job in Web development than a niche field that uses assembly so much.

    Anyway, what's up with the lost energy? Is it from the disappointment of not hearing back from the job yet? From the indecisiveness about your career focus? If you ever need to talk or vent, you know where I am! :)
    I guess taking the Mitnick angle would've actually been a better story. ::(: You engineers do tend to think outside the box more than us simple Computer Science peeps. :) Probably too conspicuous if I edited my previous message to include some wild happenings about breaking into NSA computers and being on the run for several years though... As weird as it sounds, I WISH my life were that exciting (actually, not felony-exciting, just borderline misdemeanor-exciting at most lol).

    BTW how goes the job hunt, if you don't mind me asking? And any progress on the Web development front? :)
    LOL. I just photochopped that mugshot sign in because I always look like a criminal or homeless person (or maybe both) in my pics. And when I smile, I just look like a dork, so I usually avoid that. haha. The sign is actually from Bill Gates' mugshot photo from when he was 17.

    Anyway, if that's you in your profile pic, you're obviously quite photogenic, so I don't expect you to be able to empathize with what it's like to always look constipated and dirty in pictures. haha. I'd kill for your bright smile and friendly eyes. Well, not literally because that'd just be weird on many levels, but you probably get what I mean. :)

    BTW I just realized you registered at this site before me, way back in March of 10. All I saw was your newbie user status, and assumed you registered last month. haha.
    haha. That's awesome that you're a Computer Engineer. You have so much potential with that degree, especially when you go for a Master's! :) It's sad to think that a CE would have problems finding a job, since CE folks are typically quite a bit smarter than us Computer Science peeps. ::p: I think just the fact that you have that degree means you'll be fine; you can obviously accomplish anything you set your mind to. :)
    I'm sorry you've been out of work. ::(: I was recently out of work for about 8 months after an apparent psychotic episode where I quit my job. lol. It's very tough out there for programmers; a lot of incredibly talented people are jobless right now. I'm working help desk at a hospital right now (which my friend was able to get me), just so I can pay the bills. I've been seriously thinking about going back to school to get a Masters, but bills come first at the moment. lol.

    You mentioned you were getting into web development? How's that going? Is that the job path you're currently looking into or is this more of a hobby?

    P.S. The fact you enjoy working in groups and like programming makes you a natural programmer. lol. Me? I HATE both (at least when it's for work).

    P.P.S. Thanks for the add!

    P.P.P.S. Also, you were an EE or Computer Engineering student? :)
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