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  • Opps.I did not answer the guitar question.Its going well and I have learnt 4 chords.I think my muscle memory from when I was learning before is making relearning the chords easier this time.Its fun and relaxing
    Going by personal experience alot of patterns of behaviour people get into ,can be changed but it takes time and effort.That sounds like alot of words you have written so far.It would be interesting to hear how you go about writting.Do you write each day, do you write at certain times etc.I have not written any poems in quite a while but thats not unusual for me.But Im still reading poetry regularly.The poems I like I read again and again.Two of my interests are famous inventions and british history.Im no expert but I find those subjects interesting.You mentioned that your book was about a viking child.Apparently the vikings ruled parts of England for a while and there may have been a Viking king of England.Are you interested in british history or not really.
    I thought you might like this haha Campaign to reward homeless man who returned diamond engagement ring hits $170,000 - and that total is still rising with 77 days to go - Americas - World - The Independent
    Hi.Im not religious myself but religion can be helpful to some people.I did go to a Christain Primary school.It was my mums birthday recently and a friend of hers bought her this big sponge cake with jam filling and covered in icing.It had her name on the top of it and I had a slice or two of it.It was probably one of the tastiest cakes I have ever had and it was nicely decorated.It had been made by a local Carribean bakers.I do enjoy baking things like biscuits and slices which usually taste quite nice even if they are an odd shape sometimes.Lol.Do you come from a big family and what kind of cakes dode you bake.Some of the cakes made by experienced bakers are like works of art.Amazing colours,patterns,designs etc.I actually went to a catering college years ago_One of my favourite parts of the coumake donuts
    The more people the cook,sew,etc the better.I enjoy cooking for myself and its such a useful skill.Its a nice feeling when I cook something for a someone else and they enjoy it.Its something I dont get a chance to do often though.Completing a cushion etc probably gives you a nice feeling.Wow you are really are into Mythylogy.What are some of your favourite myths.I know a bit about Greek myths and its interesting how some of these tales have become so well known.Its probably due to films and childrens stories.I like tales like Pandoras box, Achilles,Midas,I remember watching films like the Sinbad movies when I was younger.Also there are some powerful bible stories that I really like even though Im not very religious.
    Sewing is a useful skill I think.You get the pleasure of producing somethink with your own hands plus you can add your own flair to garments rather than wearing mass produced stuff.Its a shame that some traditional skills like cooking,baking,sewing,carpentry dont seem to be practiced as much by the average man or woman.Its a shame.Some of my favourite poems are Leisure by WH Davis,I wander as lonely as a cloud by Wordsworth,Stop all the clocks by WH Auden,If by Rudard Kipling.Thats only a few of them.What kind of mythology do you like.
    Hi.Do you find it hard or easy to keep yourself busy and mentally stimulated.I would guess that sowing and embroiding takes real skill and time.Im curious, how would you go about embroiding something.My mum is very good at sowing and she can make dresses,etc from patterns.She still does it from time to time.Creative things like sowing,painting,pottery,etc are interesting and good for the mind.I do really like words and the way they can be used to affect peoples emotions.Thats why I find reading and writting poetry so appealing.My poetry is improving but I still have alot to learn.In some ways the challenge to get better and better is something that gives me pleasure.Its mentally and emotionally stimulating.
    I have sent the poem to you as a private message.Reading poetry particuraly gives me alot of pleasure and the creative process involved in producing poetry is a challenge that I enjoy most of the time.It can be good way to cleanse the mind.Do you have any favourite poetry or is poetry not your thing.It was interesting to hear that you were writting a childrens book.Have you written anything before.Reading is one of my passions and at times I have wondered how my favourite authors manage
    to have the patience and dedication to write a book.Some of these books must take a year or two to write.After all that work the book might be popular or unpopular with the editors or the public.Stressful
    it must be but also exhillerating if things go well.Is being an author a job you would like to do.My plan is to become a gardener and I volunteer part time in a park.I work part time in a resturant at the moment.
    Wow.It sounds like you really know your stuff when it comes to using wildflowers.Nature seems to be your supermarket.Snow is quite pretty as long as there is not too much of it.One of my hobbies is writting and reading poetry.The most recent poem I wrote was actually about snow.Did the wildflower help your dog.From what I hear vet bills can be very expensive,so your way sounds like a cheaper option.Out of interest how far are you from a chemist,doctors and food shops,etc.Some of my favourite Queen songs are Under pressure,The Show must go on,One Vision.
    Hey, I really like your posts and I love your compassion and empathy. I like how you read the Iraq body count website it shows you are a very caring person. Personally I think the women serving in frontlines is daft what you think?
    It snowed for a whole day early in the week then the snow stayed on the ground for the last three or so days.Luckily its all melting away now.Winter is not my favourite time of the year due to the cold and shorter days.I was worried about the wildbirds such as Blue Tits and Robins that visit my feeders but they put in an apperance yesterday so they seem to be okay.Hawthorn jelly sounds interesting and I wander what it tastes like.What other wildplants do you collect.The only food that I have collected from the wild were apples from the local country park.They were tasty.I dont know the wildplants well enough by sight to risk eating them.The Arena songs I heard were Jericho,Crying for help 1v and Out of the wildnerness.What are some of your favourite Queen songs.
    Both you and partner love plants then.Wildflowers are interesting and its sad in a way that they get overlooked by some and treated as just weeds by some people.Its interesting how many wildflowers,native plants,have medicinal properties and pretty flowers.Plants like Yarrow,Nettles,Onions,Dandilions etc.Do you have any favourite wildflowers.Im always on the look out for music particular rock music that I have not heard before.You mentioned being a big fan of prog rock which I had never heard of and that got my curious.I listened to some of the Songs from the Lion cage album by Arena.I was suspicious in case it was very heavy screamy rock which Im not a fan of.Instead I was greated by melody,harmony and deep thoughtful lyrics.I meant to listen to one track but I ended up listening to four.Lol.Arena and Queen who I like alot,have a similar sound. Bands with deep and thoughtful lyrics really appeal to me.What are some of your favourite songs and albums by Arena.
    Hi.If I see a butterfly,a bird,a tree, a plant etc, I like to know what it is.At home I have some a few books on plants,birds and trees.At the moment I can recoganize some plants,trees,birds by their apperance but olot of them I still can not recoganize.It can be frustrating.Are you good at recoganizing plants,birds,etc.You seem to be a big fan of Clive Nolan and his music.What do you like best about him and his music.To answer your question I like authors like Terry Prachett,Robert Rankin,Tom Holt,Terry Brooks,Arthur C Clark,Douglas Adams,Alan Dean Foster and others.
    Hi.In case you want to listen to the Chinese Democracy album,there is a link below.

    Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy (Full Album) - YouTube
    Thanks Starry. You are always so nice to me - you are very sweet. I am sorry if I go on a bit much about all this. You are like - the sun peering over a grey cloud around here.
    I will make it up to you one day.
    Usually my recurring memories are about my day to day encounters with people were I felt uncomfortable,irritated,,etc.What things do you like about village life.I imagine there are quite a few differences between the city and village.Some good some bad.Band wise I like Foofighters, Muse,Hole,Stone Temple Pilots,Bush,Guns and Roses,Feeder,etc.What groups,artists do you like.
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