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  • ha ha that's what she said I watched one the other day. Michael goes to improv class and in every scene he pulls out a gun and shoots everybody it is hilarious he says 'think about it, what is the most exciting thing that can happen-somebody has a gun!'
    Hey, M&M :p flickr! i really do want to do the course it's just it's web development and it's all coding , inside! not outside in the nice open fresh air! i'm not sure why im doing it guess it would amount to a high paid job in the end. The 10k debt afterwards puts me off, a lot! plus im thinking of buying a place not renting.... too. yeah i get the safety in Numbers with the crowd thing :) Hey if you don't get paid to volunteer how do you survive ? (super sorry if that's a rude question) "when i go to places like nyc or london" sounds pretty pricey?
    M.N.M is your initials, Awesome! reminds me of M&Ms you've probably heard that before.. so your birthdays March the 22nd? America switches the month and date round doesn't it? oh silly me it couldn't be the other way around anyway. What a cool job, how long have you been doing that? the dogs don't look too old so it couldn't have been to long Anyway that's really great! can't imagine how you came across a job like that?
    your friends are so cute! does the black one have blue eyes? i'm curious what does this mean mnm322? so i think you mentioned in a post that you do volunteering, what kind?
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