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  • It sounds like a good way for people to live their lives if they can stay true to its principles.Interestingly hardcore young christians share alot of similar values appartantly.Punk and christianity seem like polar opposites some how.Lol.Im an animal lover and I have thought alot about going vegetarian.I have cut down on the types of animals that I consume but I guess Im not ready to vegy yet.What do your family feel about your lifestyle.
    Hi.Hope you dont mind but I noticed your comment in regards to the so called straight edge life style.Im from England and I only know about some aspects of the US and Canadian culture.Is the phrase living a straight edge life ,some sort of movement or group.I dont smoke or do ilegal drugs and rarely drink.
    Hello, I need some assistance; I am currently having an issue with another user and I'd like it to be resolved before it turns into the typical immature conflict known as a flame war.
    Hm, that doesn't sound odd to me. You are you:). You have your own unique interests which differentiates you from the world.
    I'm not sure. There are some who haven't played it for whatever reason, but I don't know how many. And there is nothing wrong with being a geek/nerd/otaku/whatever people call us::p:. Embrace it and take pride in it:D!
    And you went and did it for me::p:. You are too awesome:cool:. We're just two video game nerds, aren't we:)?
    Well, congratulations Weirdy:D! Now let's see how much farther you can go, eh:)? And my urge to make a Jill Valentine joke is becoming too hard to bear::p:.
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