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People who reject science, reason, and fact should NOT be in charge of ANYTHING!!!!
I swear there should be a required IQ examination to get into government.


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Leave me alone. Leave me the f*ck alone. I am not the solution to all of your issues, nor a punching bag you can use only when you're pissed off. Stop whining for attention, stop demanding a$$pats, stop asking me for favors, stop asking me to repay your (very rare) favors, stop stalking me, stop trying to guilt me when I don't give in. Stop f*cking using me.


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-I love you, it kills me seeing you and having to pretend im not in love with you. I hate not being able to hold you, not being able to have any kind of affection with you. I hate this.

-Grandma im not religious, i dont follow your religion, hell i hate your religion! Im an atheist, i have been for years. Stop trying to force your shitty religion on me!


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95% of the damn world is hyper-social, too noisy. i can't consentrate in class because of my temporal bias. i hear the chatter of kids talking about their girlfriends and shit behind me and it sets my instinctive alarms off. they're superior to me in many senses, i have to put some distance between me and they. while i figure out a plan. consequently, i'm not gonna finish college or follow any paths set by this vast hyper-social lemming race who sit around dinner tables chewing wine crackers and breë cheese and shit with their benzos and their lexos and ferraris and shit. that's your life and i don't like it.


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I wish I could hibernate in a cave on a deserted island for the coming two months. I just want to be alone for awhile. Go somewhere nice and quiet. Don't want anyone to see my face.


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I'm not sure that I am even angry anymore. I feel like the world is shouting loudly at me, and beating me down. I just want to walk away from all of it. I've proved I can be happy in my company and really live. I don't think the way I have become is all my problem, I think the world is the problem. It's dysfunctional.


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You're a rude idiot with a disgusting attitude to life and other people. Some of your posts have already been deleted, and rightly so. I'm sure they won't be the last.

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I love this thread, great idea...

Here goes....
I don't know why you all did what you did to me. I know I'm not perfect and am limited because of my anxiety and depression and because my mom is so overprotective of me. Most of you were accepting back then and showed me that happiness and friendship were linked and that there truly is a bond. Through your actions on the other hand all I have come to see and feel was deception, betrayal, abandonment, and pain. I don't know what I ever did to you, and you are acting like I am the one who hurt you...You hate me for no reason apparently and you made it clear. So I seriously hope your life ends up a living hell because I shared things about me to you, showed you the side of me ppl see as crazy and u seemed to accept it. And now you randomly feel like ditching me. Time has taught me that not all ppl are worth ur time and exhaustion...I hope you know how it feels to be alone and in agony for the rest of your life. Karma will bite you in the *** and you'll know why. Thank you for turning me into a person who avoids relationships altogether. Who needs friends right? I hope you learn your lesson.

P.S I am extremely glad to hear that you were dumped recently...what a coincidence. Seeing as how it's fun to ditch/ignore and rub in someone's face that you hang out with other ppl now. So just stay the **** out of my life forever because I am better than you and I won't be knocked down by inconsiderate bitches like you. Goodbye forever and I wish you pain and sadness for the rest of your pitiful days on Earth.

I now have a true friend who accepts me the way I am and she is definitely an infinite number of times better than you could ever be. Finding true friends comes with a price, but you learn to see people's true nature through experience.
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I liked you before but now I know the sick evil stuff you're into, I'm not going to write to you again. There are too many people in the world who think all that stuff is ok.


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eww... haha

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Family- sorry for not making you proud... I admit I'm a fail okay. dad you were right I never got anywhere in life and I never will. I hope your happy you probably are since your two sons are the only ones that will succeed. and they are your most price possessions and you wouldn't trade them for the world I envy them...
Friend-I'm sorry I can't be outgoing like you. I'm sorry that I'm like your "shadow" fading in the background when a group of people starts walking towards us (or when someone else is with us). I'm also sorry for eating all your food.
To the two people that have hurt me not so long ago- I would like to start off with person number 1 : okay you sir are a coincided ******* you don't care for anyone other than yourself and "how well you look", as you can see you have really hurt me. I know your intentions were towards something else, but seriously you haven't stopped and think how much it will hurt me?. I mean come on it seems more like your intentions were actually to hurt me. I staid up that night crying. I hope you realize your mistakes and why the only reason that most people really dislike/hate you is because your personality doesn't seem to be much of a nice one. I used to just dislike you but now I really hate you. I'm happy to have a friend that cares for me and her hatred towards you has increased. You are a very bitter person I don't see your point in life, if you are going to create drama or to hurt others please don't ever bring me in your situations may I repeat YOUR situation. And if you haven't noticed everyone you talk to doesn't seem to care for you (other than your mom) and they don't want to be in your situations. I hope you just leave this planet soon. The world would be a much better place without you in it (I'm sorry for sounding heartless)
person number 2: you sir I never dislike you I never liked you either but now I'm sure that I hate you, I hope you also leave this planet with your boyfriend. I'm surprise you haven't stopped to think how it will hurt me. You were just probably laughing your *** off. but I'm happy you lost a friend. and It's kinda surprising how I let you inside my house and yet you decided to hurt me with that thing ... You both are so a like you both are bitter, you both don't care about others feelings, you both don't have a point in life... I wish you both never existed (I'm sorry if I sound heartless)


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I don't know if you still consider me your "best friend" anymore. We used to hang out together. You always call me to accompany you whenever you're alone. We always stick up with each other. But not anymore. You now have friends who share the same interest with you. They're all loud, out going people, comparing to me. You've become popular, unlike me, who can't make changes positve to his life. You're like at the top and i stuck in the bottom. I think i'm not capable of talking to you anymore. But i miss the time we were together. I guess i'm alone once more.


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I don't really know who I am, or have become, or how to explain it at all. I try to sort out the thoughts in my head and I get confused, and frustrated. Frustrated more than anything. I hate not seeing the path I am suppose to take, or what the person I want to strive to be like, is like. I am not properly dealing with it, mostly because I am not sure what to deal with. Is my mindset right? If it's not, then what should it be, and how do I get it there? If it is right, where do I go from there? I could string off a hundred questions I need answering right now, and no one out there can answer them but myself. I am not finding any clear answers though, and that is the driving frustration I am feeling. It's what drives me to feel the way I do, and act in the ways I shouldn't. I have to get over it on my own though, find out a way to find my own peace. Talking it out isn't going to lead to anything productive, I don't want to. I'll be fine, and if I'm not I don't want anyone else to know. I don't want not fine to feel ok.
I have so much anger and intense hatred hidden inside of me, I am worried one day I will no longer be able to contain it. :sad: