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You and me babe, how about it?



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You don't sound like a terrible person at all. It sounds like this woman has many faults yet you support her anyway. You try to encourage her and give her money. That says a lot about you as a good person. Seems like you realize people don't have to be perfect for you to be supportive. You don't even have to much like them for you to do the right thing. Don't beat yourself up for noticing her annoyances.

Ahhh I dunno I still feel fake like she just posted and tagged us with an I love you quote and I could not even reply an I love you back like the others did. I just sent a 3 hearts emoticon so I’m not directly saying the words but I’m not ignoring her either. Anyway, thanks for the kind words.


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I really admire someone at work.. I want to tell them I want to get to know them.. be intimate with them.. she's fairly quiet.. I have no idea what her life's like, if she's partnered or not but damn... I think about her every day.


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I've learnt alot from some Youtubers. One in particular is extremely informative and guiding but paradoxically I've imagine that in real life I would find him a boring irritation. The busy know all who nobody really likes.