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  • Don't fly away, Birdman.
    I think of this comment every now and then. For some reason theres a somewhat haunting melancholic resonance to it that makes the poet part of my brain randomly remember it.
    Oh that's good news you will be home soon and that your family is helping you. Looking forward to you healing up quickly and getting back at the stuff you love to do I am sure.
    What are the doctors saying?
    That's a great documentary, thanks, like you are flying with the birds themselves. I remember seeing macrocosmos at movies when it was on, made by the same people.

    I understand what the pain of grief can be like, it has a physical as well as emotional impact. I dream often about Lenny. I dreamt she was flying free with other Cockatiels, which I was so pleased to see. She flew down to join me for a moment and I held her near my chest. It is funny how I can almost sense her presence, the brightness of her soul. They become so close to us, and imprint on our souls.

    Work is torture exactly, I am dreaming of one day withdrawing from people, and living close to nature. A kind word or just a friendly hello from another person is worth a million, so thanks for that.
    It's been hard to remember the good times because the pain can be so intense that he is gone now. I just woke from a dream where I was hugging him, I woke with my arms wrapped around myself and they were empty.
    I am glad you can talk to Lenny. I am sure she watches over you <3
    Jobs are really a form of torture for people like us who suffer from so much anxiety. I know exactly how you feel, Kiwong. I wish I had something to say to help you. I hope you know that you are not alone, though.
    Did I ever ask you if you have seen "Winged Migration"?
    Thank you. My birthday was particularly rough since he was a gift 12 yrs ago for that occasion and it was my first one without him. I was toughing it out since it happened and it all came crashing back down, so that was really sad for me.
    How are you holding out?
    Just looking through your photos again-breathtaking stuff!! My gosh makes me so excited to be moving close to the west coast! I am planning a whale watching trip too &#55357;&#56832;&#55357;&#56832;&#55357;&#56832; bucket list for me. I can only imagine how exciting that was for you! I just found this clip about humpbacks who rescue other whales. Humpback whales around the globe are mysteriously rescuing animals from orcas | MNN - Mother Nature Network
    Introductions: Paul Sheringham | Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY

    My photography was showcased on this blog.
    decorating idea for you :) Giant Birdnest: Wooden Bed Filled With Soft Egg-Shaped Pillows | Bored Panda
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