• I just wanted to say that I tried Kraken rum based on PL's post on your wall, and considering that's it's a really cheap rum, it's really good! :thumbup:
    From Jamaica? Yeah now that you mention Jamaican rum the Kraken sounds cheap... But the bottle is so prettyyyy who cares what's inside :D

    Well that was shallow
    Hmm. I don't know that kind of rum. Not sure what rum there was in that drink either, I just know there was 3 different kind. But here's one I need to try

    Yeah the oil changes are pretty much the only thing I have to take care of and I'm sure it's going to last until the body of the car is ruined
    And I think we all turn into lunatics to some extend when love is involved :p
    Why rushed?
    Ah that might work if you use your car for work! I'm driving an old shitty toyota, that's how I can manage to get cheap tires :D

    You know, I remember those days when you were so depressed and I'm SO happy that things are working out for you :thumbup:
    Things are rarely as desperate as we think
    I don't want to make you feel bad, but I paid 200$ for my winter tires hehehehe
    I'm doing fine, I'm more of an hermit that I ever been before (I don't see anyone besides my co-workers), but I got a good life-routine and I really feel like I have my sh*t together, whatever people may think :p Still in the same routine as well on your side I suppose?
    Last activity 2 weeks ago, I see that you don't come here much anymore either :p I assume it means you're doing well. Anyway happy new year :D
    Hahaha, long story... well not that long, you know Lea's thread about a test to know what european nationality fits you? Well, we both got sweden, so coyote posted a pastry with the swedish flag on it.

    Hmmm that wasn't as poetic as your message at all...
    It just seems to me that "Sial" and "moron" has nothing to do in the same sentence. You don't fit the definition. AT ALL. I hope you're doing better than the other day. I know I'm not always very helpful but you can msg me if you need to. :)
    Yeah you told me for the senior tech last time we spoke that's great! I'm having a terrible day but in general I'm fine :D
    BOO! Just taking news, after what, months of disappearance, as usual, as the unbelievably sucky friend that I am. How are you anyway? I do care.
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