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  • It's pretty good, as far as school goes anyways... I mean it's not like I dread going, so I suppose that means it's basically standard.
    :O Hi!!! :)
    It's been so long!
    I have been good, bad, alright and many other feelings in between :p
    And you? School's not to crazy?
    I'm 18 & I'm a drop out. I don't want to seem weak for what I'm about to say or delusional but I dropped out because of my SA I was sick of being afraid all the time & of having no friends:( but I've had a long distance relationship for 4 years & finally we got married 3 months ago he's never lived in the u.s because he lives in Colombia & won't be coming to the states for a while. I am afraid for him to come here because he doesn't know that i suffer from SA, I think he might have a clue that there's something wrong with me because when I'm with his friends I don't talk & shut myself down. I guess I'm just embarrassed because he is a very social guy & I'm not I'm a loser :( I have no friends & i have tried kinda telling him but I get overwhelmed & just make up excuses to not tell him. . .what do y'all think!? Please don't be mean I already get that from so many people.
    Yay! glad your internet is back :) now we can resume our ridiculously long conversations! :D and I have been well, but as of recently, pretty bad... And as a result of this recent mishap, ill probably be online pretty much for the rest of the day, so maybe ill see you then.
    Thanks for telling me about 'WATAMOTE ~No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular!' It's amazing! Yelling! I'm really hyped up about this anime!
    Hi! Yes, sadly it has been a while... I'll try to be online a bit more I suppose and maybe we'll cross paths again soon :)

    By the way, I watched the movie you recommended, 'Suicide Room' it is pretty good, and quite sad...
    Thanks Lou! I feel a lot better now. I'm going to pamper myself for the rest of this weekend because I deserve it. :bigsmile:
    Then definitely enjoy your break while you can lol... im glad you have something lined up for the summer.. even if its work. There's no better feeling than earning some money:) as for me... no, nothing planned. Just work.. but I can't complain, im very thankful for having employment.
    That sounds amazing!!! Take lots of pictures, I'd love to see:) sounds like a memorable summer for you... Enjoy it!
    Where are you visiting family to? Nah.. I really don't have much planned this summer, but I might do something for the sake of being spontaneous lol. Its just hard to believe june is almos here....
    you finally get to enjoy summer! im good.. just working. keeping busy. do you have anything planned this summer?
    We don't have HBO here, most stuff from the US doesn't see air time here until a few weeks later, but GoT is such a big time show we get it the next day. I don't watch tv though so I download the episodes, they don't appear until an hour or two after they air so it's usually the next day when I get to watch.
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