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  • Good! Just relish in the silence, you have nothing to prove to her and of course is clearly not the kind of person you want to spend your time around. Stay positive and you know I check back daily :) Let me know how things are
    Hey! Hope everything is going okay! :) I did come online with this message as proof! But you were not there. I wish you luck for tomorrow and you know I shall be here in case you need to talk about it. Good luck!
    A lot better. I'm begging to get to a place of inner peace. Part of that is accepting myself (or liking, I should say) and the other half of it is not giving into fear and rumination. Letting go of the past, not worrying about the future and appreciating what I have.
    Easier said than done. I am taking medication as well. But, I think I've found the right perspective. I'm sure I'll still have my lows but hopefully I won't lose more years of my life due to depression and anxiety. Sorry for the short novel. :)
    Hi , SmileMore I like to play Sims 3 for Ps3. Do you thank Sims 3 has alot to teach us about life or do you feel most of the time it just a game ?
    Trent Rezner is quite a muscian.NIN played Glastonbury a number of years ago and the set was shown on tv.It was great and I still remember it.I like the groups deep emotional lyrics and heavy guitars.Hurt,Starfu.....ers,The Wretched,Heresy.Do you have any favourite song lyrics from NIN songs.
    Me too.I listen to music most days.Has your music tastes changed much over the years in regards to the bands,artists that you follow.Since my teens I have been heavily into rock music.Groups like Guns and Roses,Manic Street Preachers,Stone temple Pilots.There are a few groups that I have followed since my teens up till now.Some groups I liked for a few years but I stopped listened to them.Some groups like Feeder,Muse ,Hole,Placebo,Nine inch nails,I have started to listen to them over the last five to ten years.Also I have gotten more into rnb,classical in the last ten years or so.
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