Post what you cannot say


Hie yer hence from me heath!
I have so much anger and intense hatred hidden inside of me, I am worried one day I will no longer be able to contain it. :sad:

F**k! Yer not alone, Blue. That sounds exactly like me, sadly... :sad:

Equally sorry tae hear that, pal.


Hie yer hence from me heath!
You say you love and care about me but yer action and words over the past 5 years say different. Just am related tae you doesnae mean you huv the right tae treat like yer own personal slave. :sad:


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That stuff in my brain being muffled by a car-radio sounding buzzing whenever I attempt to think them. I must be on the wrong station.


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I miss you, no matter what i say, im always going to be waiting for you. I know we can only be friends, and that will be a best case situation, but i'll always be hoping, always be waiting...


Hie yer hence from me heath!
How come you dinnae talk tae me, eh? Just an indifferent "Ah don't know..." everytime - that's aw ah seem tae get fae you.

Dae ya no' like me or summit? Cos that's how ah feel. :sad: Or is there just summit wrong wi' me and yer no' wantin' tae say anything...?

Ah, personally - and ah might be wrong here? Since ah usually am! - think ma cousin's wrong in her assumption that we "... seem pretty close". Really...?! If that the case, how come we never talk much? Eh?!

Seriously, is there summit wrong wi' me...? Ah must give off a bad vibe or summit, no? :idontknow:


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S**t s*** s***! I hate this freakin lazy bum! He keeps on piling work on top of me! I am so sick and tired of this guy! He's manipulative I tell you. I want to quit, but the only reason why I'm even helping him is because I feel sorry for him! He's in a pretty emotionally volatile situation right now, but it's NO excuse to pile work on me! I hate doing this! He's a freakin liar too! He told me I didn't have to stand in for him but now he's saying I have to! I absolutely hate this! I need someone to replace me. I will probably still stay, as a troubleshooter/IT go-to-person/occasional web designer, but that's all I'm gonna do.

By the end of all this, he BETTER give me a good job reference, because I've been kissing his a** for so long. Like they say, fake it till you make it. That's what i've been doing, pretending I actually love doing this when I actually DON'T!!!

/end of rant
I have social anxiety and depression thats why I am like this.
I could not yet tell anybody about it, even my family, I love them but I barely talk with my parents.


not actually Fiona Apple


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Why did you lie to me?

Why is asking a lot question bothers you, that's how I communicate?

Why don't respond to me a lot?

These three questions are to different people


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so To whoever is concerned

Dear whoever
I am sorry i don't know who you are exactly but any how i believe that you are someone. I admit i don't have enough faith and well i feel bad about it but i can't help it.

Ok, so here it goes.
I am never happy. Why? Is there some fault in my brain.Is the happy button malfunctioning. And oh yeah, the regret button is always on. I wonder what is wrong.
You know i am tired of all this. There are others who are well happy,enjoying their life, doing great, or even if they are not doing great they are at least content or ignorant.
Ignorance is a bliss!
Well my case is different. I am not content, never will. I don't believe i deserve this. I know i deserve more, i know i can change things but you know TIME is a great game changer. Well i don't have that in my favor. Society ,yeah that sucks. Government and rules suck. Do you give second chance ,like second life or something. If yes please, give me a healthy brain and well possibly a different society.
Till then well, am i to live like a person with her head turned backwards? Or is there any thing good stored for me in future ? Am i to make things better if not totally the way i want it to be?
I believe you have the answer.
A human


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I wish I had a friend whom I could talk to at the end of the day when I'm feeling worthless or depressed. Whom I could share my feelings with, who wouldn't tell me to grow up or stop whining or change the topic into something more positive or happy, just listen to what I have to say and be there for me. Not realistic I know.