Post what you cannot say

I'd rather you people didn't react so awkward to me. This ''saving my feelings'' crap is a lot more hurtful then if you were just straight forward for once.

Also, don't ****ing rush out of the room to do something when you set up the building blocks for a conversation. Five second back and forth dialog isn't worth my time, either dedicate to it or just go about your business.


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mom and dad- I love you so much, i really do but you don't know anything about me and I don't think you ever will cz i can't talk to you. I have tried mom I really have and you made me feel bad about it.
Stepsister- I dislike you and I think you are part of the reason why I have social anxiety. You made me feel like I needed to change everything to be liked and you made me stop talking to the friends that I did have. You made me feel fat and ugly and constantly belittled me and thats why I had bulimia in eighth grade.
Friends uncle- I don't hate you but you have made my life hard, really hard. I extremely dislike you because I was five and I didn't know what was going on and by the time I had the feelings were already there.


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if you made a joke and i didn't laugh because my mood didn't warrant my doing so, would you think of me as proud and unapproachable? if you talked and i didn't respond, would that make me indifferent?


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Thank you for listening today and hearing me out for once. Now I just hope you actually follow through with my advice. Maybe if I keep reminding you every day, or every other day, or maybe leave little notes around the house, you'll follow through better. I can just hope.

Note to self: If no one listens to you the first time, don't shut up. You have a voice, use it and keep using it.


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so your thirst for control has hit a new high? you want to put strings on my faith too? please don't tell me what to believe in. and don't intimidate me into going to church like i'm a child.


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You might be my oldest half sister but you really are a controlling, manipulative, lying b****. Can't take "No" for an answer, when was the last time someone said that to you, sis? Always have to get your own way, because you think you know better than everyone else, because you know it all. Don't ya? Everyone wrong, except you.
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I like the idea behind this thread that I found on another forum.

Say here what you want to tell someone directly, but for whatever reason you cannot.

Maybe you are afraid, or they are no longer here, or anything. No names are needed.


You hurt me, you lied to me and you were deceitful. You've continuously lied to me in regards to that other girl, you say you're sorry and that you regret it but when I left you for that small amount of time that didn't stop you from responding to her when you were in bootcamp, and you forget the reason why I left you in the first place was because of HER so what right did you have bothering me with your letters full of false promises. You say you're sorry, but you don't hurt the people you truly love, like I've never hurt you. I've never gone elsewhere for companionship and love...I would never intentionally hurt someone I loved, I would never lie or cheat or someone, never make them feel like the dirt under my shoe. So you say you're sorry, but then how come you continue to hurt me...all I know is I'm with you again...and everyday I regret it, everyday I question myself for forgiving you countless times, when what you did was unforgivable, something you would never forgive me for....trying to be forgiving is hard...and I try everyday to not be bitter inside...trying always


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im sorry i worry so much when you're gone, i just don't know what i'd do without you and i don't want to lose you. you're everything to me and my paranoia gets in the way.. i hate when i cant see you. i hate being stuck here when you're there. the past week has been a mess and i believe what you say is true but the experiences of the past are like virus that wont go away and keeps reminding me of how worthless i am. never forget how much i love you
im also sorry for what i did to myself. i didnt want you to know, its not something ive ever told anyone. its something i try to hide, but i cant keep things from you. and i never will. its been a 5 year struggle and ive tried to stop. and i did for so long. but please, i just need your help with this....

you're overbearing, overprotective, and need to learn that im not a little kid anymore. im an adult and i wish you would treat me like one. maybe i want to have a life and spend time with the people who actually want me around. im old enough to be out on my own and not tell you every single person who's there, who they are, what we're doing, where we're going and all the details. you need to let go and realize im not 14. im in college, have a job, pay for my car, buy my own food and clothes and everything else i need. i need space. i need to get away from you.


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Hate to break it to you, Mother, but I don't think I want this whole medication thing to be temporary. So what if I wanna have these feelings of content all the time? It's better than being the emotional maniac I was before.
cache (I always say cashay)

I have no problem saying rural or juror, or Rural Juror for that matter.

Now, in seriousness, thanks dad. You are so stubborn and I want to slap you sometimes, but I know that you want to give me the young adulthood that you never got and I appreciate that.


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Please tell me, does it give the three of you such joy to talk about me behind my back? And then when I enter the room, just mock me in my face? For years I've taken crap like this, put on a strong face and just taken it, since I can't show how I feel on the inside out of fear that everyone would just ridicule me even more about how "weak" I am. Tell me, what did I do to deserve any of this? I've been asking myself that for years and I have still yet to come up with an answer. I'm no saint, and I've obviously had times where I've hurt someone, but I've apologized and tried to make up for it the best I could. I don't go out of my way to put people down or treat them like crap. Sometimes I feel ashamed to call you guys my family. I know we're nothing alike, but that doesn't give any of you the right to treat me like I'm some sort of freak. :mad:
And then you all wonder why I'm so closed off. Think for yourselves. The answer is right in front of you.


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I don't like when I go so long without hearing from you.It makes me feel small and unimportant in your life.Makes me feel out of sight out of mind.I'm having such a hard time at this moment and I know it would all be ok if you would just send me a message or a text...anything to remind me of all the reasons I have to be happy.I am in a place where I can't remind myself...i need you to help me.


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mother, do not come near me again. Let me be clear.

I want nothing to do with you. You are poison. Stay away from me, stay out of my life. Your not welcome.


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I think I care too much about what my dad thinks of me which isn't really weird a lot of people care what their parents think of them but I wish I didn't he just makes me feel so bad about myself or not even just the thought of him looking down on me or thinking less of me bothers me. And I guess really I should just not care about it but I just do, I do care what people think of me especially my family. But the difference between him and my mom or grandparents is he is (or I perceive him as) a very judgmental person. My brother does a lot of stuff he doesn't approve of which isn't that bad but he acts like he's a burn out loser druggie who's an untrustworthy idiot and is just really judging of him. I think it's because he has his own issues probably and does it as a defense mechanism to feel better about himself but it still matters to me what he thinks of me I guess. Like I don't know when he's joking or being sincerely judging but when I am around him in private with like my sister or other people who he doesn't care about keeping an image with he's just super condescending toward the people behind their backs and always judging people for what they do or how they dress or how they act or what they think and it just makes me so paranoid that anything I do or say in any sort of defining way he;ll frown upon or judge me for and I will fall out of his good graces like my brother has with him which isn't even something I should care about because it's his fault for being a whatever and not a problem of mine but I just seem to care so much and I hate it and just can't be open with him about anything ever because of it.


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Do you ever stop and think about the way you treated me when I was younger, or even during my teenage years? Because it's had a huge impact on how I see myself. I mean, you didn't exactly instill confidence - if any - in me. If anything, your f***ed views about men and relationship, have made me absolutely f***in' hate myself. But then, you didn't seem to notice how it made me - your only son - feel, then. Or now for that matter.


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The world doesn't stop because you're getting married.
Husband: You were drafted to the MLB. You worked hard to get there. Why did you throw it away for lust?


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I told you that I wasn't normal & that I needed help. You forced me into the deep end & told me to buck up. Now you act like you've been the most understanding parents. But I also understand that you didn't know & that you did your best. I guess I'm just angry at the situation. And think "why me?"

I just don't feel that I can talk to you anymore. I feel like you don't need me anymore & that hurts. And I feel like you're always judging me. I feel pathetic telling you what's going on in my life because I know you won't understand. You're always so together & confident even in stressful times. I wish I was more like you.


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Please stop trying to read my mind, or invade my privacy. It makes me feel violated in a way. We are not lovers or friends or family, so I don't have an obligation to reveal anything to you. I don't know what your motive is for doing this, maybe you derive pleasure from prying into people's lives and interfering, but I think it's unethical. I want to end this peacefully, without violence or hard feelings. We should go our own separate ways and live our own lives to the fullest.

Please don't tell me to give you another chance or something along the lines of "I will make you fall in love with me." Any guy can say that, and I can choose to accept or reject. I really don't want to pursue this type of relationship; I also don't think we should be friends; I want to move on from the past memories and start a new life for myself.