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  • Hi, I came across a reply you posted to a thread i started back in 2015. (on my previous account) It was a good reply that is more relevant now than ever, so thought id say hi.
    Hi.You did not response to my last message so I hope you did not get the wrong impression due to what I said in that message.I think your job is an important one.Anyway.Feel free to leave a message if you want us to continue speaking.
    Some jobs dont make society a better place whilst some jobs can change peoples lives.Sorry to hear about your troubles.Are you on the road to recovery and how are you feeling.
    Is one of the reasons you are studying that subject because you want to get a better understanding of your own issues or is that not the case.I really like learning new things and I find so many subjects like art,history,nature,politics,inventions etc facinating. What topics are you covering in class at the moment.
    Sorry about that.For some reason I find psychology tricky to spell correctly.The mind is interesting.Look for example at the range of phobias that people can have.Anything from water, birds, horses etc.Which things about the mind interest you.
    Oh, haha. Better rest up that rib! You don't want to put any extra strain on it. Catching up on uni work, plus reading fiction books and watching cool TV shows is a good way to rest and remain entertained. :)
    I hear you there! It can be an addictive place sometimes. ;) I have drumming, exercise, and a light interest in cooking to go to for "practical" things - do you have something like that you can do to wrest control of your time away from the Internet? :)
    Thanks, Loyal. I haven't been coming on as much. Trying not to come on the Internet so often, heh. Hope you're well. :)
    Bed time for me! (I have a cold and I get up at stupid o'clock for work.) Take care and talk soon. :)
    Yeah, that was a shock, as much as it's a shock to see a Wollongong person here! Small world. :)
    Pretty small, but there used to be a guy here from Albion Park, but he doesn't post anymore, I think. It can happen!
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