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  • Hi, yeah I really do like that pic :D My signature isn't something I came up with myself, it's from a song, a part from it that I really love. How are you doing btw?
    fear, anger, misery--all of that can hinder or prevent a person from progressing in life. which makes sense because the opposite of those things are love, faith, happiness, compassion, courage, peace, etc. which opens the door for the possibilities of growing. You grow by opening up to people and letting people in, which results in discovering parts of yourself that others will recognize and they have their own ideas about you. And I know how tempting it is to tell people that they don't really know you as well as yourself but in reality, even you don't know yourself well enough. btw, is this a response to a comment I posted on a thread that I don't quite remember? :-/
    BUT, i know it's my boss's duty to enforce these grievous social programs with our CX's cause the corporate ppl send tester customers in to make sure we're doing it. and if we're not screaming welcome lines to every single customer then we fail and my boss gets fired and probably most of his underlings too.
    Holy f---ing crap. That is so demented. I find it really hard to believe that the greeting thing even works. A lot of people don't like to be put on the spot like that. I sure as hell don't. I purposely avoid stores that have greeters. It's just too annoying.

    That was a really good post you wrote, I liked it. Very informative. :)
    Ha ha, I like what you're saying about being closet artists! :) Have a bunch of songs and half-finished stories/novels in my, uhm, closets and such! Welcome to the forum! (even though you've been here a while) And Happy Happy New Year!! :)
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