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  • You and I have similar tastes then (including the ecchi bonus::p:!). Tenjou Tenge was good in my opinion, but I liked Masataka more than I did Souichiro. It also felt as if things ended prematurely (although I haven't actually read the ending yet). Now, I'm reading manga like Blue Exorcist, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, and Ultimo. How about you?
    You know, I never could get into Love Hina for some reason. It just wasn't interesting to me, probably because I like action and fight scenes in most of my manga::p:!
    It's a picture of Negi and Kotaro (two of my favorite characters from the series, but not the first: Fate:D).
    Hey, I hope you don't get too worried about your ex. Sorry to hear about it in any case. I am thinking of you and I hope you get some rest soon. *big hugs*

    Also you should totally bake me something.
    If you could somehow combine your awesome skills at the bongo, triange, spoons, tubs, and fingertips, you could be a new member of my band! You could have the stage name of Weirdy and you will be the most talented person in the band.

    I hope you're well, my friend. :)
    Hey, it seems like I don't see you around all that often. Maybe we aren't hitting up the same threads. :) I hope you are doing well.
    Wow, well I have to say... you do have some talent...despite the minor flaws with the tapioca. Very very good. Thanks for the compliment... you aint so bad yourself.
    Take care now.
    I can relate with alot of what you say...well pretty much all of it. >D
    Depression doesn't very too much, I guess. ^.^

    I admire you ability to word things. ^.^
    I think you are a very sweat person everything you have to say to me open my eyes.
    Sorry if I bug you, I just wanted to say somthing nice to someone I don`t do that much.
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