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  • Well nothing drastic but a made a few better friends. I'm dating again though I don't have a boyfriend yet but I met some interesting people, I'm able to confront my anxiety better now and I just overall feel good about myself. :)
    I'm glad you're doing well. :) I think I read you got a job? Congrats!
    I'm well, just a lot going on haha and yeah its been good mostly :)
    Is it cos you ran out of ppl though? I thought of a character you've never been (that I know of) Üter!
    Delighted to read back and see youre doing great, this makes me very very happy :thumbup: and I also note that you have finally run out of simpsons characters:thinking: it was only a matter of years lol
    The last I checked (around September)it looked as though they were skipping Aus this time around. I'm soooo devasted right now. Same thing happened last year with At The Drive In another band I love- I found out the day AFTER the concert that they were over here - it's almost a guarantee that those guys won't be coming back. Hopefully Gojira come around again. When they make a new album. In what... 2 years? -_- Thanks for trying to let me know and the offer MikeyC.
    Oh man, well enjoy these last two weeks! I know going back to school is stressful, hehe. And I'll let you sleep, it's pretty late here as well. It's 1:30 am! Anyway, have a good night:) wish you a restful sleep:)
    Hi Mikey! Thank you for the message:) and don't worry, I feel the same way about posting on threads. I usually write these looong responses, only to then delete them. How have you been?
    Sorry you were forced out, Mikey :( It sounds very unfair. I hope you have, or can find something to fill the gap left in your life.
    Awww, Mikey. Right back at ya mate!:)
    I am not too bad, considering. I saw in your post that you were not in your band anymore!? When did you leave the band? Was it your choice to leave?
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