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  • Hi.Im good most of the time at focusing on what ever it is I'm doing at work or in my private time.But maybe I expect too much from a book sometimes.No book is perfect but maybe that's what I'm looking for in the book I want to read.Some time I might give up on a book too early and not give it a chance.

    You mentioned that the author Grant might have gotten into trouble in the past.Have you ever gotten in trouble with teachers at school or your parents due to your actions?No pressure if you don't want to answer.
    Hi.It sounds like you are a big fan of M Grant if you are reading or listening to interviews by him.Did you learn any other interesting info about him from Reditt?

    Im struggling to decide on which book to read next.I have already started one book then stopped after 120 pages since it was not doing it for me.I might read it another though.I think my state of mind due to anxiety might be a factor.Im going to start another book today and see how it goes.Does your anxiety affect your enjoyment of books?
    Hi.Sorry about the slow reply.Looking online I found out that Grant and Applegate were married and actually write books together.That must be a rare situation in literary.I guess that arrangement has advantages and disadvantages to it.What do you think of them as authors and writing together?

    The Gone series sounds interesting going by what I read about it online today.
    Hi.I understand why you might like kindle stories since you can have access to numerous books.But I have never actually read a kindle book.

    I have not read a Stephen King book in years.Too dark and violent for my tastes know a days plus I'm not a horror fan.He is clearly a good writer though with a really active imagination which explains his popularity and longitivity.Years ago I was more tolerant of violence,death in books and I have read around 4 or 5 Stephen King books such as the Tailsman,Tommy knockers.His less horror based death based violent stories.

    There is a genre of books called young adult fiction.Artimis Fowl in Britain would come under that category in libraries and book stories.Books aimed at 12-18 year olds.I have read quite a few of them over the years.But if I can find book aimed at 18 year old and older that I like,then I read those first.Have you read much young adult fiction apart from the Artmis Fowl books?
    Hi.In regards to movies and books I prefer something new to enjoy.So I only rarely re watch or read.Insomnia is a great book and not the typical Stephen King book.By which I mean not heavy on the horror,etc.The plot really held me from start to finish.Dealing with themes like good and evil,the afterlife,a world within a world.Highly recommended if you like that sort of thing.

    I'm currently choosing a new book to read from my collection.It usually takes me a while to choose a new book to read.

    How do you decide what to read next?
    Hi.Thanks for the info about the Artmis books.If a book is a chore to read then I tend to stop reading it and find something else.The longest book I read was the Insomnia book by Stephen King. It was something like 780 pages long but it was a good book.I read it years ago and probably I would not read a book that long again unlesz it was something inceptional like Insomnia.Over the years I have read it about 3 times.Usually my limit book wise is around 500 pages.Im a patient reader but I'm use to reading books that are around 350 pages in length.At the same time I don't like a book that is too short since I finish it too quickly and the story does not have enough time to be fully explored and developed.For me the minimum book length I read is 250 pages.Im quite a fussy person in some regards.��
    What's the most times you have read a single book or do you prefer to read books you have not read?
    Hi.Books to me are like windows through which I can see into other worlds.Books are safe and comforting to me and they are always there like a loyal company.I have read alot of fantasy over the years but I have not heard of most of the books you mentioned.But I tend to be very fussy over the books I read.I avoid post apocalyptic ,very violent or war themed stories.Sometimes meaning I may miss out on a good series or two but I know what I like.Actually I have an Artmis Fowl book that I bought to read at some point.Its call the Opal Deception.Would you recommend me reading it next?

    It's great that there are so many books still to read and new ones being written.

    I had a look online at the Stormlight series.Do you have any favourite characters,worlds from the series?
    Hi.I read alot and I always try to line up the book I want to read next after I finished the current one.At the moment I'm reading a book called Bad book club by Ian Samson.Its apart of his Mobile library series of books.Its the fourth one I have read from the series.

    Have you ever read more than one book from a series of books by an author?
    Hi.I try to stay busy but I'm home quite a lot since I only work part time.But I'm not easily bored plus I delivery focused on developing a number of hobbies to bring more pleasure into my life.Reading,gardening,a fitting poetry,watching sport etc.Learning new things such as facts about nature,science online and from books is something that I really enjoy. I try to get out the house often and have a walk etc in my local nature reserve etc

    Do you find that you often get bored at home or not
    Okay.For me Wander woman is the earliest female superhero I can remember watching on tv.I liked that show because it had comedy,action and people rarely died in it unlike the superhero shows today like Agents of SHIELD.

    If you don't watch much tv then what do you do with your time instead?
    Hi.Yes I like story lines in animated series that are quite complex layered with some comedy as well as drama.The therapy session story you mentioned with Robin and Black Canary sounds interesting.I personally like the rise in stronger female superhero and villian characters in some graphic novels and in animated and live action series.Shows like Agents of SHIELD,Supergirl,Agent Carter have strong female leads.Graphic novels have characters like Black Widow, Storm,Catwoman,Ms Marvel,Medusa etc.Who are some of your favourite female superheroes from comics,tv or film?
    Agents of Smash is a show based on the adventures of the Incredible hulk and his team.Its funny,has great animation and has good stories.

    What do you like about Young justice and any favourite story lines?
    ☺I find it funny how when asked some peple say they dont watch much tv.I have realized often they mean they watch on a kindle,laptop etc and not do much on a tv screen.I love animated tv shows and film so I watch some animated tv shows each day.Srtuff like Zac Storm,Nerds vs Monsters,Shezow.zalso I watch at least one comedy show each day since I really like them.Shows like Big bang theory,Superstore,two broke girls.

    I have seen some Young justice episodes and it's a good animated series.Have you seen Agents of Smash and Avengers Assemble.Two brillent animated superhero shows.
    Hi.Thanks for the Titus you tube links.Going by what I saw he is an issue based comic and often they are the ones worth listening to.You learn whilst being entertained.Comedians that just talk about drinking ,partying and swear endlessly just don't interest me and actually annoy me.Easy jokes at peoples expense also dont make me laugh.I will probably have a look on you tube for more of his stuff.

    There are some great comedy shows around on tv such as Superstore,Big Bang theory,Fresh off the boat,Josh(it's a British show) to name a few.It depends what interests a person.I don't watch reality tv or crime based dramas and there are a lot of them around but I know that many people like them and fair enough.Services like Netflix and Amazon prime are good too.I recently started using them.Is there a reason why you dont watch much tv?
    Hi.I don't know much about Stephen Lynch or Christopher Titus.What are some of your favourite jokes or stories by them?

    There are some comics that do a lot of pun based comedy such as Steward Francis,Tim Vine.Both of them make me laugh.I tend to watch situation comedy like Big bang theory and various british comedy panel shows.

    Would you believe I posted this message 2 days ago on my own page.What a rookie mistake to make considering how long I have used this site.��
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