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  • I think my avatar is from when Homer and Apu go to India, and Apu loses the Kwik-E-Mart.

    I like Mrs. Krabappel, too. I wish I had a teacher like that in high school.
    Ooh, I'm sorry. ::(:

    I don't know if I have a favourite. There's a lot of strong characters in that show. I'm just cycling through Simpsons characters mainly for my own amusement.
    Scientists are cloning sheep now. Your numbers will be replaced in no time!
    Exactly! My point = proven.

    Besides, we're married still. I have a duty to take care of you. (Might need to replace that onion ring, though.)
    Every time you put yourself down, a unicorn dies.

    Please stop doing that. You're better than you give yourself credit for.

    Hey thanks Weirdy, thats really kind of you to say. I have been out of work for a while so - yeah definitely a good thing. I hope you manage to stay safe and sane in your world. It's always an amusing pleasure hearing the things that that you have to say around here.
    Then they've never met this zombie alien:cool:! But, honestly though, I don't think anything will happen to you Weirdy:). Why don't you just lie down and get some peace and rest?

    I'm sorry that the thread I made offended you. I had no intention of doing that whatsoever.
    I'm sorry to make a rice pun Weirdy, but it's been ingrained into me::p:. So, will you put up with this spirit, my cybernetic unicorn?
    Well, I hope that you find something.

    But, I wish I could help you with your fear::(:. I can't do much except offer words. All I can really say is that, yes, there are people out there that will hurt you, but they are in the minority. Most people won't hurt you.
    Maybe you could apply for jobs that have you isolated away from people or as little interaction as possible. They also have jobs that you can do at your house, right?
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