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  • Shy,
    How are you,miss?
    It's been a bit since i've heard from you.
    You've been kind enough to check in on me in the past.
    Just thought id so the same for you. ;)
    I've been doing alright, most of the weird symptoms are gone except the derealization. Feel like I'm in a dream all the time, like super spaced out. Started working out again though and trying to get back to my life. Just wish I didn't feel so high all the time. How are you doing, hows the niece? Been playin any guitar?
    heya krista, whats shakin? i miss talkin to ya. btw, i second the portishead post. they are awesome
    haha yes it does :p no i havent ill look her up now. Have u ever heard of the genre triphop?(theres no typo) ^.^ i didnt do much except sightseeing i wanted to shop though wasnt enough time.
    Ive heard of knife party I LOVE their song "internet friends" I definetly suggest listening to their song "Dance" when you search them. Ive been to Georgia a few times to visit my aunt. I go to NY to visit my dad's side of the family, im actually leaving to go this thursday
    Haha drawing isnt just for the experts! dubstep is the new pop XD do you like skrillex or Justice? (even though its not exactly dubstep) Im from S.C unfortunately :( (most boring place on earth) i visit N.Y alot though. where are you from?
    I'm 23 and yes I'm a female lol yes I better change that. Tonight there is another rave (eek!) but my bf will be there this time so it should be fine. So what sorts of things do you enjoy? :)
    at first, i thought you said, "I still have problems with licking myself now days."
    I understand! My head and thoughts becomes cloudy when something is going on. I try to participate the best of my abilities. Wooo....Sahhhhh. I hope you find some peace ♥.
    hi! thought i'd check in. haven't seen posts from you lately. just find it weird. i'm kinda used to seeing you everywhere. hope you're doing alright. =)
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