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  • Well in your own time, but i'm sure there's nothing to be worried about anyway!! I don't think i've ever thought anyone on the picture thread looks bad. Hehe for Hallowe'en sounds good! Have you ever seen Loveless? The characters in that have ears just like yours, you could dress up as one of them. Hehe i shall XD in the meantime i shall just buy online!
    We should have a Pokemon fight! Your Ursaring against my Tauros :D
    Yours is scarier, but Ash had a Tauros (actually, several) which makes it automatically better (that's why a Pokemon who's so weak in the game like Pikachu is the most loved one :p).

    Good to hear!
    I guess I'm okay, but could be better. Nothing especific, just life, you know :/
    You should upload a pic of them :) have you got blonde hair? The black will be a nice contrast. I haven't worn mine out yet :p i wear them around the house, it's fun :D i don't want people looking at me though hehe :p yea me niether, i think i might just go to a convention on my own though. I just wanna see all the merchandise XD
    Those were probably the Ursaring you released because they were too weak for you, right? :p

    Anyway, how are you doing?
    I just realized you have Zapdos as your profile pic...

    It sucks to have just that! XD I got stuck with TWO pokemon with harden. Now I have a couple of 40 lvl bugs, beedrill and butterfree that are quite awesome. I guess that's the good thing about this challenge :D

    Yeah, I'm doing fine, good to hear you're well too :)
    One extra rule I found and applied, only capture the first pokemon that you haven't already. Because the first time I had 2 rattatas and 2 caterpies and I was like WTF XD
    It's not difficult, I'm doing it with Fire Red, Emeral and HeartGold at the same time, it's actually funny XD
    What is the Nuzlocke Challenge?

    1. He could only capture the first Pokemon he encountered in each new area.
    2. If a Pokemon fainted he would consider it dead and release it.

    Nuzlocke = Nuzleaf + John Locke (from LOST ::p:)

    It sucks to be "able" to catch so few Pokemon and then when they fain you have to release them, but it goes better with time, I like it :D
    You must try the Nuzlocke challenge! It sounded stupid in the beginning, but I'm liking it :D
    Haha ya! I posted one of my paintings on the "Any artists out there? post your work" thread, it's on like page 131 I think (not sure how to insert a link). I'm really horrible at seeing all the awesome stuff people do i.e. art stuff, rock climbing, filmmaking, music making, and then I do it for a short period of time then ultimately determine I suck at it and quit lol. I've gotta stop doing that...
    Isn't that so weird? :L the ones you got are so cute! <3 i like them better than mine, they didn't come up when i seached XD do you think you'll wear yours out? Hehe yea you should, i got in to it cos my friend kept going on about it and i kept thinking 'it's can't be that amazing' but it really is XD hehe sounds great, you should go! :) i imagine conventions in Canada are much better than the ones here :p
    Thanks Iluv, it means a lot. I'm just very depressed, I have ups and downs and right now it's very very down. I'll be fine, thanks for your concern.
    You've never seen the Iron Fist in action, so you can't know that. With the Iron Fist, I don't need any brass knuckles; my fists are the only thing I need:cool:.

    Are they possible friend material?

    And I'm going to be gone for a few days. My Internet's out.
    Yeah, sorry about that. I'm not sure, I guess I wanted to disappear, but I have nothing else in my life. I'm just sad, but I'll be fine.
    Oh I like it too, so you must be living in my house and I didn't even notice :O
    I guess I've been around the wrong girls all the time, then :/
    Where did you say you live again? ;)
    Oh wow! :D I just want to thank God, and my mum, and the random guy on the bus for all their contributions! *wipes tear*

    Seriously, though, thanks for that. Haha. Probably not something to be celebrated, though. ::p:
    Seriously? :L i don't believe it, me too!!!! I got these ones: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace what about you? I wanted ones that would match my hair more but they didn't really have any XD sounds good :D i love getting a good price right at the end of an auction :p it was the Vampire Knight ones i read, my new obsession!! I really want to go to an anime convention now :p i must have spent about £150 on it over the last month, i need to stop cos i want all the expensive rare stuff hehe XD
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