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  • Well, you're quite a catch Weirdy, so, if you ever change your mind about your asexuality, the person that you end up in a relationship will be the luckiest person in the world:).

    Do you lock your doors?
    What an, er, "interesting" young man. You two must have been close for him to do that (I think). Whatever happened to him?
    Hard to explain? How hard? We're both here all day/night, so you can start from the beginning, if you want to explain, of course.

    And you're welcome:). But, I'm no "sir", just Deadman, the flirtatious, insecure, nerdy fool::eek::.
    I'm kinda scared to do this Weirdy, but do it I shall::eek::! I was looking at this and was reminded of you. I thought that you could use it:). It may not help or make you angry even; if it does, then I wholeheartedly apologize::(:.

    And if my previous comment creeped you out, then I apologize for that as well. I was only joking with you Weirdy; my intentions were only to make you laugh.
    Er, why would someone lunge at you while you're in the shower:confused:? Aside from that though, it'll be funny to see you jump in terror::p:! I'm like Terumi, except with fear:cool:.
    No reaction? Not even a scream or a jump? That's the best part Weirdy::(:! What's the fun of scaring you if I don't get that::p:?

    I'm pretty sure you'll get your games in time:).
    Do those games scare you?

    I thought moms were supposed to hate Dead Space:eek:! So, will your mom be checking out DmC and The Last of Us?
    Yes, well, Rockstar is pretty famous for its gratuitous violence (among other things::p:). So, your moral compass is why you ended up in a relationship with Katherine in Catherine?
    You used to play WoW? What were you?

    Pony Friends 2? Never heard of it::p:. And there's nothing wrong with violence in a video game. I just like teasing you and ribbing you about playing those types of games:). We're both very peaceful, yet have a tendency to play violent games. What's the most violent game you've played?
    Weirdy plays violent games:eek:? Yay:D! But you can't trick me! You thought that, by putting Animal Crossing on there, I wouldn't notice the RPG violence of Dragon Quest! But I did! I have the eyes of a Hawk, A Band of Hawks, actually::p:!

    I don't think I could ever play anything online. That's far too scary. As much as I shouldn't let it bother me, I don't want to be sent hateful e-mails about how I suck or people insulting me. That and I just prefer to play games by myself.
    Nah, I'm no good at PC gaming::eek::. Or maybe my laziness won't let me be::p:! Somehow, I can't even convince myself to play any games on the PC.

    Those games....... they, well, most of them, have violence and guns in them:eek:! Do you like that sort of thing;)? But The Last of Us does look to be extremely good. Metal Gear Rising and Assassin's Creed 3 are looking to be oh-so-sexy too. I'd like to preorder a lot of things, but, first, I have to attend school.
    That's the Weirdy I remember:). Needs moar h's though::p:. So how action-packed is Skyrim, Weirdy:cool:?

    I would play it, but I don't have a PS3 or Xbox 360. If things go as planned, then I should be getting a PS3 this summer:). What other games are you looking forward to?
    Very nice:)! So, how is it? I've probably already said this before, but I haven't really played any Elder Scrolls games::eek::. The only one I've played is Morrowind and that was only for a few minutes::p:!
    Yo Weirdy, how's SPW's robot mare:cool:? I haven't seen you talking about Skyrim on here, but then again, what do I see::p:? I know you're excited about it:).
    Great idea Weirdy about a pony thread, I have posted 3 pics for your perusal in the thread that you came up with the brilliant idea.
    Hey, How are you doing WeirdyMcGee? I have not been on here for a while because I been bussy babysitting. Just wanting to know if I miss anything on here while I was away.
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