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  • Glad to see you're back Weirdy:D! We missed you!

    And, yes, it's HunterxHunter! I got lucky searching for this. I was just looking for a picture of Killua, but I got a picture with both Kurapika and Killua, my two favorite characters, in it!! It's been so long since I've read it though. I would read the scanlations of it, but I'd feel better buying the actual manga, which I can't find at the moment::(:. I guess I'm going to have to read the scanlations to figure out what happens next!
    Hello, not to late it still in the new year 2012 Do you have any good plans for this year.
    Weirdy! I haven't seen you around the forum lately so I just wanted to drop by, say hi, and wish you a Merry Christmas! It's probably already past the 25th over there by now but I hope you're enjoying your holidays either way. Take care :)
    hey I didn't know you were the super moderator of the site hun. that's great though. Merry Christmas to you.
    YUP Legend is one of my favs. Love Ridley Scott. Labyrinth is a childhood fav too... lol Neverending - flying shaggy dog. Willow was good too but never was into it as much. I've always wanted to make my own fantasy story and have - but never fully fleshed it out. Maybe there will be a flying unicorn/lemur :D
    Maybe if the dragon is horny himself he will easily "befriend" a unicorn... :D Unicorns > dragons though imo anyways. That's why possible replicant blade runners dream about them. Then again it could just be used footage from Legend. Anyways (/ends film geek references) hope you're doing well as a unicorn! I'd love to be one, cool as it is being a lemur :)
    Never say never! Like Justin Bieber! *slaps his face with tail* I mean like Sean Connery's James Bond in Never Say Never Again! That's better... :) Some lucky zombie will be lucky to hitch with you :D But really, never know despite everything right now! That's just now.

    Speaking of now, I want to find a real place to slay dragons... actually to befriend a dragon, even better! Even more so if they sound like Sean Connery ;)!
    Skyrim? Fable III? Because if Skyrim I've been doing the same :D Until SWTOR. If this is all in RL then I didn't know so much could happen in 3 weeks of being absent from forums! (nor that there are places in Canada where you can slay dragons! :) I adore your new avatar, too.
    I'd like to be able to leave my 'things' behind and go to the women's monastery in Tibet and just live there until I die.

    [...] it looks like I'm stuck here... in low income housing... until I die.

    Why not move to Quebec instead? You can get a disability allowance here, for agoraphobia.
    HA! You're talking with a future super-engineer, I can do an augment for you, just tell me what you want :D

    I could need one myself... like an aug that allows me to understand English sayings before I get nervous and make a stupid joke because I didn't know what was happening, to later check what it really means and see how I embarrassed myself again -__-
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