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  • It sounds troublesome, to put it mildly::p:. So how much gluten can your body take before it becomes unbearable?
    Oh, I'm sorry Weirdy::(:. However, there should be gluten-free food out there, right? Do you just eat from that category?
    If I remember right, you do have allergies to certain foods, correct? Is gluten one or do you just not like it?
    It's nice rice though, right? It's better than a nice boat::p:!

    I may be silly, but even idiots have their moments of clarity:).
    I have always read your posts, love your avatar. And you seem such a nice caring person.
    Sorry for the delayed reply. I'm not sure how I've been doing lately. A little bit of bad, a little bit of good, a little bit of in-between, all mixed up and continuously changing. :) It's exhausting!
    Oh that makes sense! You have seen so much in your lifetime of 10 centuries. Unicorns are highly sought after - no wonder you don't go out much!

    Your life is all coming together now.

    I like your posts. It's like I want to say what you post, except I can't get the right words out. You really are wise. :)
    That the way I treated this girl once who I love,I thought she was the most beautyful girl. she look like that girl off the X- Files but only with blond hair instead. Her voice was sweat to hear I love it when she talk. But even after I was told she like me I did not ask her out. I never stop hurting myself I will always thank that I am no good with women becuase of that. I just wanted to know what she would say to me. Thank you, I never really meet her since to know if she really has a husband or not.
    can I ask you a question If years ago you like me and had a crash on me. But did not ever get the chance to ask me out or date me and always felt bad about that you felt like you could not ever live with yourself again. But now year has pass now and you got your life together now you have a husband and your own Kids now and are happy .Then you came across me and find me all alone now worthless living life like a bum seeking dating advice from stranger I don`t . and you find out that I liked you years ago the same time you had a big crash on me and I had some one tell me that you like me and still never had the courage to ask you out and went thought the rest of my life beating myself up because the way I treated you. what would you say to me ? How could I tell you sorry ?
    Hi McGee! So we both thought if we were secretly a boy? huh? lol!
    It can be funny how we can have these irrational thoughts as kids, no??!! :)
    Take care hun & hope things are going well!
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