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  • Yeah, watching people play can be really exciting sometimes. Like, I watch my sister play Resident Evil. It's less intense that way and I don't end up screaming...which...unfortunately hurts everyone's ears. >_>;
    I used to...I've played a bit of FF and Zelda. The last game I completed all the way through was Twilight Princess. :) I kind of scare easy with horror games. My sister laughs at me when I attempt to play them.
    That's awesome. I've always wanted to get more into gaming, but I don't have the patience. It's hard for me to sit in one place for many hours at a time. XD What's your favorite game?
    Thanks! I want a baby hedgehog so badly. :3

    Your icon is really neat too! I like the purple hair. <3 Where is that character from?
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